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Nature has provided us with all natural amenities like Air, Water, Sun light etc., which are essential for our Body. It has also provided us with "DIVINE NECTAR" known as "URINE" which flows from our body. Urine has a natural healing power to control and cure all kinds of diseases. Just like nature has provided milk in the mother's breast for nourishment of the infant child, similarly nature has also provided Urine in human body for preservations of their health and cure of various diseases.
"URINE THERAPY" is the most effective natural remedy and the safest method of treatment which does not have any side effects. It can boost the Immune System, Improve Nervous Disorder, Dissolves and Removes the Toxins Accumulated in our body. It can Revive dead Tissues, Rebuilds Resistance Power of the Vital Organs like, Brain, Heart, Lungs, Pancreas, Liver and Intestine etc. It rejuvenates our body and safe guards the general Health of the people.

Join Facebook groups for more information, latest trend is the use of aged urine.
Ideally have all amalgams removed before starting up!
Our mission is to support and educate individuals to take responsibility for their personal well-being through the daily practice of auto-urine therapy.

Andrew Norton Webber has important information to share regarding distilled water and it's benefits to your physical, emotional, mental, even spiritual health.
Andrew presents the original cleaning and maintenance instructions for the human body. He demonstrates how the four 'distilled waters' (machine-made distilled water, all precipitation [rain, mist, snow, dew and fog], urine, and all raw fruit and vegetable juices) clean the body. He shines light on the dis-information campaign designed to obfuscate the truth regarding this knowledge. maintenance instructions for the human body.
The pure distilled waters clean the body, mind, and spirit, allowing every human being to become beacons of light once again. This is how we are restoring peace and prosperity on planet Earth, echoing throughout the galaxies. (site is not showing up, only two pages show up, here one:, free book)
From the year 2000 we have practiced and developed the ability to drink through our noses into the nasal cavity to feed, cool and evolve the brain.
🌟URINE🌟The Only Food & Medicine That We Need
Interview that Mónica Schütt with Body Builder John DePass. I am so overjoyed to speak with him and share amazing energy, love, laughter and great wisdom... from great, amazing experiences we describe!!
Fruitarian vegan Body Builder John DePass drinks his own.
Can Your Urine Help You? | Pritam Poddar | TEDx
While in our mother’s womb, we floated for months in 75% pure urine, the amniotic fluid, literally eating, drinking, and breathing urine. There are countless stories of travelers in mountains and deserts saved incredibly from certain death by using their own urine to stave off dehydration. Believe it or not, for many drinking urine is not a last ditch survival strategy, but a daily regimen to promote health! However, the attitude most people have towards their urine is that of disgust and waste. Is our attitude really justified when urine has been such a vital part of the human existence? This talk explores this question from a psychological, biological, and historical point of view that will amaze anyone. Apart from being informative, the talk inspires the audience to be more accepting of their own bodies by providing a new perspective about this miracle fluid so far unknown, undiscussed, and subdued.
Urine Therapy can control and cure all chronic diseases if it is adopted in a proper method.

It is the safest method of treatment and it does not have any side effects.
Urine therapy in Ayurveda.
You do not have to want to be fully “breatharian” (we all are but do not realize it), or doing UT, but just be serious about improving your health. I have done it all and have many tips on how to overcome addictions, because I have done so.
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