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 Testimonial Denisa Serene
Where do I start
I have no words how to describe my 2nd Soulmatic Embodiment Session with, this simply has to be experienced, but here is just a snippet of my deep dive.
The session was led by Bonno Ray with the assistance of Courtney Bossarte and was about 3 hours long, via Zoom.
I was able to connect with my inner child, reprogram traumas that I went through in my childhood and I was able to connect with my ancestral lines both on my mother's and father's side. A lot of deep energy work was done as I was guided mapping and scanning my nervous system. Ancestral traumas and inherited hindering energy passed on to me from my parents and their parents were cleared and given back to them, while loving, honoring, and respecting my bloodline and all the generations before me.
Apart from all this at one point, I had a wonderful experience of my true self. Again, this is impossible to describe. I reached and embodied fully visual and sensory moments of myself, floating in my own light. There was no flesh, no bones, no tissue, no organs, there was no mind, I just simply was. Previously to this session during my meditations I many times achieved what I thought was 'being as ONE' state but this was very different, this time I witnessed myself on a totally different level. It was so beautiful I wish everyone could experience this feeling, this knowing.
I'm really grateful to Bonno @ and Courtney for creating a safe and intimate space for me to be able to make this huge step towards my integration as a whole being.
Thank you so much
Love and Light


​Testimonial Judith Way

ourtney Bossarte and Bonno Ray are a dedicated team in resolving trauma and nurturing greater development through their healing collaboration. The depth and dedication of their approach and synergy is unsurpassed in my experience.

Holding the space totally and yet with lightness, they are able to facilitate a thorough and incisive shift through the hidden layers of human conditioning which family constellations can bring to light.
Their creative synergy of different and complementary qualities; deep experience of constellations and their astrological insight brings this modality to a new level of interaction and efficiency.

I am utterly grateful for their healing intervention and inspiration in guiding me through very complicated and difficult terrain with a light heart and imbued with grace and wonder. Such work is difficult to describe out of the holographic place where it resides, but they are truly committed to bringing about a total and complete transformation in anyone they are working with, and it is done with remarkable tenderness and skill.

Here is my testimony for healing work with Bonno Ray and Georgios Charpantidis at Rayspect.
I had to make time for myself being a busy mother and so I woke early to do the session. Previously Ray had me do some ancestry, family research which helped me see the patterns of my ancestral trauma... it was enlightening to see that grief was being handed down via the females in my family line.
At first it was difficult for me to express (mornings I am usually silent) and also didn't feel that comfortable discussing with a stranger I have met on the internet but I had done an astrology reading with Georgios and he helped me to open up more.
I was able to release a lot just from that one session and have felt a clarity around my purpose and also easily can move on from any toxic thoughts that might come into to plague me as they had previously done.
I have done a lot of inner work before this but I was really needing the kicker to allow my self to grieve fully my past losses and especially deep inner womb healing... it has helped me enormously. I would definitely recommend it to those who aren't stuck in victim mode as it not for the light weights seeking a counselor. Ray works on the somatic body release and what feelings and sensations come from that. During the release I was able to really get in touch with my body again and felt my legs which felt like the first time in ages.
So much gratitude for this learning in my healing journey. Of course I feel there is probably a lot more deeper stuff I could address but for now feel a lot happier and content within myself.
Thank you for this experience and I know I can always go back through somatic release and forgive as much as I feel called to.
Also it helped me finally quit smoking or seeking to smoke (weed mostly but some tobacco or herbs (quite literally anything as smoking is smothering the lungs which represent grief) very quickly within a week. I was also very determined to quit and used the session to do so... it really has helped me
I can parent myself and nurturing the inner child easily now. Yes I feel great being my own parent. All I needed was that kicker to give myself permission.
Yes i feel wonderful actually ... haven't felt any grief or sadness for a while. I feel freer in my expression too ... won't hide who i am from anyone. My girls have been a lot better too.
Feeling grateful and blissed to be here. Much love and respect.
PS. today I am celebrating 9 years cancer free.

Testimonial Anastasios Koranzopoulos
I want to leave my testimonial today - Last week I had a session with Georgios and another one with Bonno / Danielle. I have been in the detox community for around 5 years and in the past have successfully healed ailments through detoxification etc... but there has been a pattern of addiction and self abuse when times get hard.
I had a lot of negative things happen this year, which in turn led me back to my addiction of cannabis and bad food. I've been in a bad way the last few months suffering from physical pains in my body and a deep depression which felt impossible to shift.
After our initial call, it became evident that I was holding on to truama which was causing me to repeat patterns of self abuse.
After the first full session, I was pleasantly surprised at how much I was able to "get off my chest". It was genuinely a cleansing experience. Immediately after, I just didn't want to get high anymore, where previously I had tried to quit many times but felt chained to weed like I needed it to get through the day. Also for the first time in ages, I wasn't craving cooked food... I went for oranges that day! By the end of the second session I wasn't even able to feel the pains under my ribs which have been causing me a lot of worry recently. This was a WOW moment for me as my thinking was that this is acidosis and can only be removed with detoxing on fruit or fasting etc. In fact it turns out we hold on to trauma in our bodies and that can manifest in the physical.
So here I am today, feeling well and strong enough to stay on the path of healing. A big thank you to Bonno and Georgios for coming into my life at a crucial time and giving me this knowledge.
Testimonial Elaine Michelle Ace-Roig
I had my last session yesterday. Wow, has been 3 months since my mind controlled me. Three months of journaling, of breathing consciously, of connecting with my inner child, of forgiving, of building, of observing, of training, of dancing, of crying, of accepting, of embracing, of having supernatural experiences and of loving all of me.
As I walk in this journey (because is not over) things become more clear. A person screaming to me in the past would have mean me crying or me screaming back, but now I know the person is suffering, and I fully comprehend that which makes me more compassionate and causes me not to have a negative reaction. I look, I analyze, and I move on. Even if I try to hold into anything painful someone may have done or said, my body won’t let me.
It is beautiful to know that the body loves you, and the body wants to do what’s right when you lead him into the right direction. My issues spiked up from childhood traumas which is what we mainly worked on these sessions. Back in the day I would get trigger by things other people did. Now, I realize that what triggers me is there coming to the surface because it needs healing.
We often neglect our inner child because that’s what we were programmed to do. Most of us are carrying burdens that are not even ours, we must face the issue so it can heal and we can move on (this is when Georgios Charpantidis comes in). I can’t believe I’m living the life I always wanted to live! This was the missing piece to the puzzle. I was focus on my fasting Frutarian life, but it wasn’t enough.
It wasn’t till I started addressing trauma that my so called “lyme disease” went silence. That my so called “nerve damage” stop spreading (and the list goes on including brain inflammation). I’m not saying diet and herbs don’t work, they do but in my case along with the trauma work. As I heal, everyone around me does too (it is incredible to witness this). My animals are calmer, my daughter’s confidence went up the roof and my husband now is having more spiritual experiences. I will dream of something in my past that wasn’t resolve and on the dream gets resolved, crazy uh?
I believe many of us have tried so many things without success that we have completely given up on hope... but please don’t. I was bedridden to keep the story short and I’m back running long distance, riding my bike, hiking, and spending tons of time doing what my daughter and I love to do.
There’s hope, the power is within you, but is ok if you need help (most of us do). This is what Bonno Ray and Georgios Charpanditis are here for. I’m forvever grateful to this two wonderful souls. Thank you guys for pointing me in the right direction and showing me what I needed to know in order to take my healing journey into the next level, freedom.
Much love, Elaine
PS: I had my last piece of amalgam removed (I had my amalgams removed 10 years ago but a piece was left in under a crown). My brain pressure went away, my eyes got lighter and I felted like a blockage in my head disappeared. This was so intense that I cried of joy. Everything seems and feels so different-

I usually don’t share much, but I should. I just got done listening to some of Dr. Peter Levine trauma podcast and started to realize that the “cure” has always been within me.
I want to keep this post short, but still share some of my background. Growing up was very traumatic (military dad, and a mom who still suffers from “depression”) and I wasn’t aware that is the “root of chronic autoimmune” is my childhood/adulthood trauma.
Six years ago I changed from a heavy meat (I was into body building) and poor mindset (is all I knew). I left all meat and went plant base, and things got better. As years pass, symptoms started to come back but this time even harder. Two years and eight months ago I went Frutarian. Things got better, but I felted like something was missing. Started fasting more, did herbs protocols, ozone, I mean you name it. I know there’s detox symptoms but I know there’s also deeper issues that no one knows what they are, but they lay there. I still wasn’t feeling like I was doing all I can do for myself. I started breathing protocols, EFM protocols with a practitioner, mediation, stretching... you name it.
But, symptoms were screaming at me even harder! I was falling apart inside out. I felted like there’s was no way out. I felted like that was my destiny and no matter what I did, nothing will change. I have heard many people speaking on “changing your mindset, so 2 years ago I started to listening to Louis Hay. I felted good but my brain went everywhere, so I quickly fall of them wagon.
To make the story short, I was suffering again with all of this symptoms, and no matter what I did, they will not stop. I remember having Bonno Ray which I did not personally know but felted like I should talk to him so I did. Bono and Georgios Charpantidis got me all set for my very first app and my life change drastically! What I couldn’t have gained in almost 3 years of treating the body with herbs (and thousands of dollars gone) fruit, and all kinds of natural healing modalities I gained in a few days. Why? Because I was adressing something but neglecting the most important one. I was focused on the physical body and totally neglected my soul. The mind was never care for, and it started to show.
After that section with these two wonderful human beings, i jumped in a juice fast again but this time I started to release mucoid plaque faster (still going) and my attitude towards life change. My perspective shift and I no longer see others like I used to. I’m calmer, and is like I don’t have to try anymore to seek for happiness, I feel it even without trying.
I’m grateful, truly grateful! I’m looking forward what more sections lead me to! I love being my own doctor, but I’m aware that I don’t know it all. I learned that is ok to ask for help. Is ok to invest in your health, because health is wealth
This healing journey has brought so many amazing people into my life, people who have helped me heal. So many wonderful practitioners, and friends that have taught me stuff that have made me a better person
I’m so grateful! I’m so thankful, because now I can teach my little girl
I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend.
Testimonial Cata Puridad
I was washing my face tonight and I had to stare in the mirror.
Same this morning.
I am at a loss for words since the first session with Bonno Ray & Sian Collister in that I can't explain what is happening, I just feel movement.
For me, my husband, my body.
This morning I told my husband I just feel beautiful. And I mean it. And maybe that doesn't make much sense to others but I always felt ugly and wrong, and used pictures to determine I look a certain way or not.
Over the years, I built a collection of images of times I felt hideous and not enough, where I look back and ask "why though"?
I am so glad I can stop asking for the story or try to access it and simply close my eyes and access safety in my body. I know I have room to open up more of that, and I am thankful for the shifts that have occurred up to now.
My husband and I managed to have some very candid and open conversations without me going into emotional wreck, hard painful stuff in the past which I didn't evey realize I was still holding onto.
And my right half of my body has less pressure now since talking, sensing and moving the breath where it was feeling overstimulated.
I just wanted to share how the process we started about a week ago was going. Thank you so much, I look forward to the next phases.

Testimonial Danielle Boterill
So I wanted to give a testimonial following the trauma healing session I had about 2.5 weeks ago with the amazing Bonno Ray and Georgios Charpantidis!
Given the nature of their work and the fact that they don't deal with the symptoms but more so the core of the issue causing said symptoms, it is understandable that the trauma, when shaken loose from the body by bringing it into awareness during the trauma healing session, will shift out of the body over time. Therefore, what follows is an account of the changes and alleviation of certain symptoms since having the trauma healing session. I am fully confident that even more healing is and will contribute to take place and I hope to write a much more detailed and comprehensive testimonial in the months to follow as more trauma works it's way out of my vessel!
Some background:
I have always had an interest in health and I started my spiritual journey 5 years ago by becoming more concious of what I was putting into my body which started with food and drink and graduated to other forms of intake such as what I was listening to, the environment I found myself in, the people I surrounded myself with and so on and so forth. I've done a variety of fasts---masterfast, juice fasts, water fasts, and dry fasts and I have been vegetarian for a year now. I first learned of and practiced UT about a year ago but only did it consistently for about a month before letting life get in the way and falling off the bandwagon. I re-started UT about a month ago and have consistent with it. As you can see, I enjoy being both the scientist and experiment when it comes to my body. For 5 years now I have been seeking cures for a few symptoms I've been having that are as follows:
*Eye floaters
*Bipolar type 2 disorder/depression
*Trying to lose 15lbs of waste
*Hair loss
Now I reached a point recently with all the cleansing and the seeking of external answers to internal questions where I felt I was hitting a proverbial wall, so to speak, and I began to realize that if I wasn't taking into consideration my thoughts, emotions, and childhood trauma and how they create my reality and therefore, all physical dis-ease, then my healing journey could only go so far. I began to understand that truly, all of the answers to the questions that I seek are within me and I knew that I was carrying a lot of emotional baggage from past childhood trauma that I had no idea how to even begin to process or what that would even look like. However though when I began to ask those questions, the universe responded and guided me to this group and the healing services provided by Bonno and Giorgios. As soon as I talked to them and became more familiar with their work, I felt a light bulb go of inside and it felt as though I had been divinely guided to do this work and release that which was not mine to carry in the first place and all that no longer served me.
The actual session with Bono and Giorgio's was so very raw and vulnerable for me as I brought all of my trauma out into the safe space which these individuals created for me.
One of the most powerful effects that I've noticed from doing the session with them was my sense of peace being restored. Up until the session, I had been completely unaware of how heavy the burden I was carrying around every day had really gotten until I released it. Since the session, which was only 2.5 weeks ago, I have noticed some very profound effects and healing taking place that I would like to share with everyone so that you all can hopefully understand how powerful this work truly is and the capability it has to shake loose years, if not decades, of trapped emotions and unconscious patterns.
* Increased sense of peace, wellbeing and feeling at home in my body after years of feeling out of place and constantly trying to escape reality through substances.
* My acne is slowly but surely clearing up FINALLY after years and thousands of dollars trying to find a cure.
* I've lost a few pounds without changing anything in my diet or excercise and I no longer get terribly bloated after eating or during my period which is a phenomenal shift that I'm super stoked about.
* I've always had terrible PMS that usually starts 1.5 weeks before my menses. My moods are usually all over the place, I used to struggle with extreme rage and depression during this time. After my trauma healing session, I didn't even know my menses was about to start because I literally had ONLY 3 days of PMS compared to the usual 1.5 weeks I usually have to deal with so this was a very noteable and encouraging sign! I also noticed maybe only a day or two of slight water retention/bloating instead of suffering with it for the entire week of my menses!
This trauma work, so far, has made it so much easier for me to continue cleansing both physically and spiritually because I now feel much lighter on all levels of my being since I am no longer carrying these traumas and trapped emotions around in my cells. I am also embarking on an orin and juice fast and I'm excited to see how much more efficient the healing and cleansing process will be now that I've removed alot of the metaphysical trauma gunk that was slowing me down and keeping me stuck! Since being introduced to this trauma clearing work, I have also synchronistically been led to work more with my emotions and how to handle them efficiently and in a healthy manner---something that I and I'm sure many others were never taught how to do while growing up yet it's such an important piece of the awakening journey! I've also been led to the Wu-Wei mentality which has become of great interest to me and something I try to foster on a moment to moment, and day to day basis and I'm getting such profound results from the combination of all this knowledge and actually putting it into practice!
For several years now, I've felt as though I was stuck in a very dark place with the walls collapsing in on me. Now, I feel empowered and at peace to handle all that comes my way and I couldn't have done it without the love, help, compassion, and knowledge of Bonno and Georgios! Thank you guys for holding a safe space for me and thank you for your patience, wisdom, and guidance!
So much love to all! Your future awaits you....I suggest contacting these two lovely souls to help you reach your highest potential!!

Testimonial Jenn Anne

I had my first impromptu session with Bonno Ray and Georgios Charpantidis yesterday afternoon. I'm a planner so I initially wanted to decline the invite, but my heart told me not to. I'm glad I didn't. It was nothing short of amazing! It was hard, but necessary. I'm beyond tired of carry around negative emotions and boatloads of trauma!
I have never been one to actually "feel", process, and work through my emotions. To say I was a "stuffer" would be a massive understatement I was raised by narcissistic, unavailable, abusive parents and experienced great loss as a child. I've been to counselor after counselor, with little to no improvement or guidance on how to work through my trauma. I have been living in my head replaying what I can remember from my past for decades. As a result, I've developed a plethora of health issues.
About 6 weeks ago I started using phototherapy technology designed to help remove blockages in the body and reestablish energy circulation. I had a rough 7 days about 2 weeks ago, and yet, for the 1st time I felt myself opening up to the real possibly of healing from my trauma.
I resonated with a success story posted here so I decided to take the plunge. Bonno and Georgios met me where I was and assisted me every step of the way. They helped bring me back to center before slipping into a full blown panic attack, which normally happens when I talk about the losses I've experienced. They helped me reconcile with my inner child I now feel a deep desire to love and protect her instead of belittle and neglect her. They reminded me to be in the present moment, focus on my breath, and check in with my physical body. I have honestly never opened up quite as quickly as I did during our session. I'm excited to see what the universe has in store for me and my healing on this journey.
Thank you Bonno and Georgios. I appreciate you both!

Testimonial Moana Tere
Approximately 6 months ago I did two, one child, one ancestral healing session with the amazing boys.
What I mean by amazing is, here I was, about to pour my life story out to, two close Facebook friends, whom are men by the way and who properly prepared me for it thru their questionnaires and back and forth chats made me feel so relaxed and comfortable leading up to them. Both the sessions felt natural & meant to be. There knowledge, understanding & wisdom and how they conducted the sessions were outstanding. The followed up with after each sessions and tweaked healing anything that needed to be healed.
Im not going to tell you my life story, cause that's all it is a 'Story'
However, what I can tell you is, since my sessions I am no longer attached to that story or too anything for that matter. As cheesy as it may sound, I've found a deeper sense of profound love and caring for the self that lets me grow from a healed mindset. My heart was always pure, I just had to get rid of the trauma so it could heart flow deeper.
So to Bonno Ray & Georgios Charpantidis from my heart to yours, thank you for helping me finish a life time of holding onto stories that were disempowering me or others and the planet.
Ready or not, the time is 'Now!' for no other time exist to heal from the trauma that inflicts pain & restricts love, happiness & deeper growth.
Nga Mihi Nui
Haumi e, hui e
Tai ke e!
Mauri Ora!
Testimonial Ryan Kynd
So, I just finished my first session dealing with trauma from birth and heritage and I am feeling so light and at ease with everything in a new way. Who would have thought that things like this can effect our current state so much. I was able to reflect with the guidance given in ways I never have before. I was able to feel healing in all of my past states. Even right at birth. Its amazing how much tension can be held in the body from events that you don't reflect on with the thinking mind but are still very much in play by the subconscious. I want to give a thorough and loving thank you to Bonno Ray and Jessica Turner for created a space for me to comfortably move through these events. Thank you both so much for teaching me the way to untie these nots that I was prior to this session simply considering a part of the rope. You are both amazing. Now I will relax in this bliss and let what comes from it to unfold unencumbered what a beautiful day. Can't say thank you enough.

Testimonial Miranda Bushey

I had a family constellation session with Bonno Ray  a couple months ago and am still integrating the experience but wanted to share what I can remember. We worked with a family tree from my mother's side as I was a c-section baby and have felt a strong disconnection from her most of my life since age 7 when my youngest brother was born.

Through family constellation work, I learned that my grandmother had a son before my mother was born whom she gave up for adoption. My mother's family knew about him but they weren't connected. She said my grandmother would pray for him during their prayers but there was minimal contact with him over her lifetime. He became a disabled drug addict and hasn't responded to my Aunt who has attempted to reach out in recent years. I learned my grandmother's mother had a stillborn child as well.

Around age 7, I would come to my mom feeling neglected and she would respond in anger and coldness. She had two younger children to care for and wanted me to be more independent although I was too young for this. As a result, I emotionally cut myself off from my parents (my dad wasn't around much) around age 10 and began to feel endlessly sad for days and weeks for no apparent reason. It was more than just sadness but intense pain from isolation. I would lie awake at night spiraling in agony which would carry into the next day with no escape. My parents were angry that I couldn't fit into their happy family portrait. They put me on drugs and continued to ignore me. The fights became violent in high school and I tried to commit suicide when I was 19 when finally out on my own in college. They always loved and supported me but I could not connect with this love because they were always afraid of my emotions and shaming me for having them. I felt constantly unseen and unheard which translated into feeling unloved even though that wasn't actually the case. I believe my relationship with them has been especially painful because I do have some loving memories (from age 0-4) which contradict the neglect making it that much more confusing and painful. I kept trying to go back to them for something they would no longer give me.

All that being said, my mom has always known that our bond was broken, and would occasionally say that she felt like a 'bad mom'. I now understand that this belief was connected to my grandmother and great grandmother who had unmet grief. My mom was not a bad mom, she was just acting out of the grief of her mother and grandmother. This made her unable to be there for me emotionally because she didn't know how to be there for herself just as her mother had taught her.

During my session with Bonno I acknowledged the grief that I was carrying from my grandmother's son whom she gave up and also my great grandmothers still born child, as well as, my own abortion. This accounted for 3 lost souls in my family and the associated grief. I told my grandmothers that I was sorry for their loss but those are not my losses. I also grieved the baby girl (I believe) I aborted and released her on her journey.

I also met my inner child by imagining her on a playground which made me burst into tears. I told her that I love her and all of the beautiful, sad, scary emotions that are part of her. I told her she is perfect just how she is and that she never has to hide. This made me cry very hard and I am still crying as I write this! The continued inner child work that I'm doing involves showing up for that hurt part of me that feels unseen and unloved and telling her that she has a right to live and thrive.

If anyone out there has a deep pain they can't get to bottom of, there is a good chance that it's inherited family grief and you can learn to release it through family constellation work. I'm now able to meet my parents today with love and an open heart to receive because I understand their history. Most importantly, I'm developing a new resource of self-love by attending to my inner child. This has been life changing for me and I'm so very grateful for Bonno for initiating and guiding this organic process of letting go of all that is not me!


Testimonial Celine De Boulois
Hi everybody!!
A couple of weeks ago i had my first healing session with Bonno Ray and Georgios Charpantidis
I was blessed to cross the path of this 2 gentle souls, they are dedicated to heal the world one person at a time, one trauma at a time.
I've been working through my emotions for ages and even if the progress where noticeable i was kind of always falling back to my "natural" state where darkness would swallow me slowly.
I'm grateful that i have been given the opportunity to be whole again, where there was darkness there is now light, where there was pain there is now joy!
i was lost and now i belong!
I highly recommend to jump in with Ray and Georgios and do the work. They would help you every steps of the process and yes there is definitely a shinning Sun at the end of the tunnel
It did take me a while to write this as i was still going through emotional detox, shedding the last layers of trauma. Ray and Georgios have all the tools available in this group to help you take care of yourself after the session!
This session has brought peace and happiness in my heart, the energy is now rushing through my body, i'm literally bursting with joy!
Have an awesome ride
— feeling loved.

Testimonial Sian Collister
I was gifted a session with Bonno and Georgios in August. It’s taken me a while to post about it and the amazing healing effects are still rippling throughout from my core.
I have huge gratitude for the both of you. I experienced an incredibly deep healing, and felt completely supported, safe and loved - things I struggle to feel
It’s had a positive impact on my family and my willingness to open myself to receive love
Such a gift
The family trauma we released during the session immediately played out in real life, I had a profound life changing experience about a week after which has left my heart shattered open - it needed it. I thank you.
My children thank you.
My soul thanks you.

Testimonial Ethan S Lloyd

I had an absolutely amazing 3 hour session with Bonno and Georgios today. So much weight has been lifted off of me, and I no longer feel like I am my thoughts, emotions, or of having to “be” someone at all. It takes courage to open up and be brave, but is it ever worth it! We began by connecting to the breath, and through that we went deeper. They are both so welcoming and nice, and I laughed for the first time in a long time today! If you are brave you will have fun, and I encourage anyone who is still hesitating out of fear to let it go and take the dive. It really is worth it, experience it for yourself!

Testimonial Sirinya Lynn
I got my amalgams removed yesterday, and I feel wonderful. It seems like such a small thing because I have had them forever since I was a teenager.
My usual dentist told me I had 1, but I ended up having 1.5 amalgams which was more than I expected. The top one was the larger and the instant it was gone, I just felt release and freedom. How could I feel the change the instant it was drilled out? I don't know. Your body is very sensitive and has its own consciousness. A toxic material attached to your body is a source of toxins. It's as if you are sleeping next to asbestos or a toxic waste dump 24/7. The instant it was released from my body, I felt release. The little scraps of metal that fell into my mouth were nothing compared to those hard caps attached to my teeth. My brain fog lifted immediately. Suddenly things were clear where they were hazy before. I no longer have problems completing my thoughts or sentences. Everything is more continuous. I am no longer a transmitter for WiFi, LTE, 5G or whatever wireless radiation they want to transmit to people. There will be no metal in my body to conduct this radiation inside of me right now. It's been 12 hours since my procedure and I just feel more peace and the start to having peace in my life. I just feel more in my body and more settled overall, and this is just the start.
I have had a long list of health issues since I was 17 since I got the amalgams. I was pretty healthy before the amalgams, but after I got them, my personality become more withdrawn and introverted. I can't say what it did exactly, and I can only go from here now.
I used a dentist who practiced "SMART" (Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique) amalgam removal. He's not certified by the IAOMT (US organization for safe dentistry) but he seems to use the same steps that they recommend. I was very scared to get this procedure done because I have had horror stories about people getting worse after having the procedure. I feel the process was safe. They use a suction to remove the mercury as it is drilled, but I did taste mercury in my mouth during and after the procedure. The dentist did help by trying to rinse my mouth twice after I told him I could still taste the metal. The process that was used on me included:
-rubber dams (It wasn't really a hard piece of rubber as I expected. It was a rubber sheet that was stretched around the tooth being drilled to create a tent so the areas around the amalgam would be protected from the operation. It's not perfect, I still felt a bit of mercury in my mouth but it didn't feel deadly or impairing to taste it. I think it was a very small portion to what was removed)
-oxygen mask (it was small mask and provided a little extra oxygen. I don't know if it helped or not. It didn't seem to supply a lot of oxygen)
-Air ventilators in room - keep room ventilated since mercury gas was being released
-negative ion generators - I didn't really see this machine or hear it. It may have been a pretty small box. There were a few machines in the room. I didn't see where this was.
-safety glasses, paper gown, and towel for my forehead
The dentist used Lidocaine or local anaethesia to numb the area. It goes away after a few hours but makes your cheeks a little swollen and mouth droopy for a while. The dentist did a good job so I just relaxed and let him take care of things. The hardest part is you need to be still and calm while someone is going into your mouth and working on it. The actual drilling only takes a few minutes, and the application of the new porcelain filling felt like applying nail polish to the tooth. It's amazing that a toxic substance like mercury could be removed so easily with a simple drill. All that pain can be taken away in minutes with the right tools and proper technique. Setting up the rubber dams (tents) takes a little skill, but the other parts seem straightforward from my perspective.
I feel like a million bucks though the procedure cost me $300 / tooth. It's expensive, but the rewards may be lifelong also. Also, my real healing begins now since my body is free from the metal bondage of the past. Bonno Ray has been telling me to get this done first, but I was too brain fogged and ill to take care of myself first. That's what illness does to you. It makes you want to take care of everything else but yourself. You are so sick and tired of being sick and tired that you accept being sick and tired as normal. Thanks Bonno Ray for pushing me to do this. I did not have the initiative to carry this out by myself but am glad I could get it done finally.
Testimonial Stacy Kaufman
Words cannot really express my gratitude for Bonno Ray and Georgios Charpantidis - what a beautiful gift I have received from them...
I did a 3 hour trauma therapy session with them yesterday morning and I’m really pleasantly surprised at all the the positive results that I’m feeling - lighter, most of my pain is gone, and I have gained more clarity and an understanding of how to deal with pain and trauma in the future.
I’ve recently been in a major grieving state with deep sadness and I had physical symptoms of major heart/chest pain for a while now. It was so bad I had considered going to a hospital a few times.
I did not do an intro session with them because I already felt very comfortable with both of them, as I’ve interacted with them a lot over the past year and a half and I’ve been following their work.
I went into my 3 hour session with full trust and I allowed them to work their process on me. They gave me their full attention and support the entire time and assisted me in releasing buried trauma in my body. I have felt the trauma physically leave my body - pretty cool! They also left me with tools and continued support.
Anyone that’s currently in pain, dealing with loss or trauma I highly recommend one of these sessions with Bonno and Georgios - they’re such beautiful souls and will take you through the process. We don’t have to carry this painful weight. Trust the process and release it Love to you all!!
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