‚ÄčTestimonial Judith Way

ourtney Bossarte and Bonno Ray are a dedicated team in resolving trauma and nurturing greater development through their healing collaboration. The depth and dedication of their approach and synergy is unsurpassed in my experience.

Holding the space totally and yet with lightness, they are able to facilitate a thorough and incisive shift through the hidden layers of human conditioning which family constellations can bring to light.
Their creative synergy of different and complementary qualities; deep experience of constellations and their astrological insight brings this modality to a new level of interaction and efficiency.

I am utterly grateful for their healing intervention and inspiration in guiding me through very complicated and difficult terrain with a light heart and imbued with grace and wonder. Such work is difficult to describe out of the holographic place where it resides, but they are truly committed to bringing about a total and complete transformation in anyone they are working with, and it is done with remarkable tenderness and skill.