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The genius of this work is to help us somatically remember our Soul Connection to the Essence of All.  When we can be the observer of our personal story, we are aware that there is a hi-story however, we are not just the story.  We are also not the thoughts, the feelings, emotions or body that are in constant change, so to formulate our beingness from anything that changes, creates instability. We only need to see through the story and see it for what it is, a character play.
That which plays the character knows the personal story is an act. Detachment is needed. This illusionary show is called “mind” (thoughts, feelings, emotions, physical body).


Our identification with our past as the personal “I”, creates the attachment and bond-age (attachment) that holds our bodies in place; physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. In some ways we create our personality around ideas that we believe, words that we value, societal norms and pain that we have suffered. This identity we prefer to call the “phantom self”.

Our true identity and essence are not dependent on our personage or our identity with the personal and really has no inherent rights to seek its identity as such.  We cannot imagine ourselves into or as nothingness, the person is always creating something. Mind and brain can’t understand the vastness of the unknown, being nothing or everything.

Once we are emptied of all that is unreal, fear, attachment, identification, anger, greed, lust, and desires will lose its hold over us. 

Held by the loving view of Essence makes personal traumatic experiences just melt away.
Once the connection to essence is restored, movement or melting of frozen impressions are easy and natural as everything in the Universe desires for our freedom and independence.

The defenses needed to adapt and survive the unconsciousness of human beings were important at the time they were created.  Now the rawness of those barriers can be explored and appreciated as their previous support.  The robe of glory, the garment of soul, is covered with these layers of foreign materials.  

It is important to acknowledge all of our walk with the soul, even our defenses, are how we got to where we are today, as we are, and to meet ourselves and those aspects with a deep sense of gratitude, honor and releasing back to the Self.

We understand that many things happen within the womb that have an impact to the soul/body connection as a seeming imprint or program.  Often this is an unconscious bombardment from the mother and creates the foundation of our future potential and strength.  

Because of divine love, the soul of the baby often takes it upon themselves to hold onto the deeper unlived fear, grief, and attachments of the mother. The weight of those contracts creates our character and soul strength. Remember that diamonds are produced under great pressure which reminds us of our transformational potential. To transform the tragedy into a soul gift, are the tools needed to travel the hero’s journey. This is base alchemy. 

Soul, Consciousness, Essence, Original Nature, Divine Spark, Eternal Youth, Divine Child, all speak through felt sense, body sensations, emptiness and/or space. Through physical embodiment the physicality gets replaced by Light and by containment; being and presence.

We have all the tools to re-create and remember our primordial connection. This Divine Will to return to completeness, being whole without separation and being, without identification is what we long for as an embodied experience.  We can observe this longing as it comes from the original secret mystic teachings and is based on the science of the soul and wisdom of the saints.

Dr. Randolph Stone, founder of Polarity Therapy and one of the main founders of energetic medicine as we know it today, introduced the original energy maps that describe how the energy moves from the highest level to the lowest level and returns to its source. Soul longs to return to Source. As such, this is its pull, to return back to its oneness. Soul is not at home here on earth because of the inherent veils of separation and its nature here, feels like a lion among sheep. 

The longing to return to source, this pain of separation, is our primordial trauma. The true wound of Chiron. Chiron plays an important part in modern astrology exactly for this reason, where now, the possibility of the soul to return to source is more within its reach as ever before in our known history. This Kali Yuga period or dark iron age as it's called in Indian mystic terms, is the ideal period for awakening and enlightenment. It has taken millions of years to produce those soul qualities needed to “die before one dies”. And because of this, containment is needed; containment of the mystery of what is and what is not. 


The most intimate relationship that exists is the one between soul and the divine. We need to embody and live this intimate relationship within ourselves, and keep the purity of the divine relationship for ourselves since it is ever only between us and our source. 

Mind is the most genius software.  Without attention it would simply become non-existent.  Thoughts, feelings, emotions, the physicality of the thing we call “body and its senses”, the story of you as a character, all belong to what is labeled here as mind. Identification with the mind and the mental concepts keeps the soul entrapped because here identity possession is taking place. The “phantom self” is taken as real and given our divine power. This is how the dark forces rule, completely automatic and often unconsciously.  In this way there is no effort needed for the dark forces to intervene...

When the story we have created is seen for what it is, or seen through, then it loses its power over us. Soul then regains its power and from there we can rest assured that “evil will destroy” itself.

For some it may be difficult to discern and discriminate the differences between soul and mind.  For many, this will unfold and be made clear in time.  Through this work, the seed of awareness is planted so a return to what was before, survival, defensiveness and identification, will not be possible.  The change that comes through this embodiment is permanent and serves as an expansive foundation for soul influence.

Our soul as a divine spark, is part of the whole, Source. Even the soul is dependent on what fuels the soul. In order for the soul to return, it must be in a state of surrender. A gentle and slow take over is preferred. Surrender and letting go are soul movements, there is no doing to make this happen.

Letting go and surrender assist the embodiment process within each human.  We hold two integral pillars supporting the foundation of our return to Source: Embodiment and Containment.  Embodiment means the removal of traumas, blockages, and identifications so that consciousness, light/sound frequency can sustain and fill the body.  Containment means the intimate relationship between the soul and the person which is reflected on the inner level between soul and the inner master; between the soul and the divine.

To be the container of the divine mystery, and to also keep the divine mystery for oneself will make it easier for the gatekeeper to open the gate.  The Intelligence that fuels the soul is the gatekeeper and also simultaneously the one that opens the gate.

Containment through embodiment is the way to go. The work itself is amazing, simple and magical.  A new language is needed and in development to try and embody this way of relating to the Soul and the trauma through the mind/body connection.
Soulmatic psychology is this term, named to cover this most subtle energy and difference in true soul psychology.

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