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Body Intelligence Assistance (BIA) - Soulmatic Psychology


  • Soul connection

  • Ancestral trauma healing, trauma healing, healing identification

  • Prenatal and birth trauma healing, restoring the original blueprint

  • Gain resources to deeply care for Being and then care for others

  • A lasting embodied (somatic) experience of safety, freedom, empowerment and containment

  • Remember how to Be without Doing = Zerotation = Wu Wei


This is your session.  It is deeply private, and you are completely in control of where we go within your experience and you can decide anytime if we need to stop or pause.  Safety is our primary priority and main focus, as we will not risk retraumatization. In case we cannot move safely forward, we will stop the session and find another time to complete it.

Our Session Outline:

Our work is focusing on the soul-body connection, working with the felt sense, spatial or space, emptiness, body sensations and soulmatic (somatic) psychology.  We want to support you in fully BEING here present and connected.

We desire to firmly hold the possibility that any deep transformation can and will occur in our first 3 hour session. It is not uncommon for that to happen. We also understand that there are a lot of factors, like timing and trust, that go into why more sessions after the initial session, may happen. The sessions are designed to expand and support our sovereign independence and we consider our work a true healing art.

We are not interested  in earning more from you than strictly necessary and charge only what is fair. 

We have developed Soulmatic Embodiment Packages to really get you a head start into being here, present, embodied, grounded and contained.  We believe that 3 sessions (at max) will create for you the needed embodiment desired to really shift your whole reality from the inside out.

A prerequisite to starting any practice with us is an initial session of 3 hours. 
This session may be shorter or longer depending on if the mutually intended results are achieved. This session really sets an important foundation for yourself, allows a feeling of timeless relaxation to happen where trust can unfold in a natural way and the cobwebs can be dusted from all those nooks and crannies in a safe and caring way.

The second session is used for clearing ancestral trauma. We are a product of the family, life we were born into.  Anything that has not been worked out before we came into this life will find life through us.  Any inherited pain, grief or drama will find expression through our lives and we may not understand the interconnectedness of it all.  Often our familiar loyalty creates blinders that do not allow us to leave the group story.  Sometimes it takes great suffering to wake us from the idea that we no longer want to be part of this familiar story and we start looking for ways to heal.  Equally we can inherit gifts that really give us a great capacity to love, find compassion for and Be in this life with aliveness and playful curiosity.  This information is important because what this session deals with relates to what happened in previous generations as family secrets, what you inherited from the family, the histories of your parents and siblings, facts about the family and transmuting any familiar curse. Although you may feel and experience this familiar inheritance as heavy, overwhelming, unmanageable and impossible to overcome, these same feelings are often the gifts in disguise, using what was given as a catalyst for great transformative power to create huge shifts in your life, in as little as one session. This session is inspired by the work of Bert Hellinger and has been uniquely adapted for greater embodiment.


The third session is about prenatal, birth trauma and the defense system, focused on further de-armouring our attachment to our personal identities and stories about life in order to really feel the connection from essence.


We are formed in the womb and are fully conscious beings. Get in touch with the deepest source of life energy within you. Friendly release the grip of preverbal trauma.
Restore the original blueprint.

We continue to use the resources alive from the previous sessions to establish a firmer foundation for personal independence.

Soul, as a spark of the divine, as what is the essence, matters, and we want you to feel that.  Soulmatic Embodiment is the most natural way of relating. Being one and connected, as reflected in the inner child, as a facet of Source, as a safe place to be, this is what we assist transform within you, along with any other transformative experience that occurs within the session. Essence itself is perfect; that what stands in between this and purity of being is what we work on together during a session.  

***This session will be with Bonno Ray and one other facilitator, in support of your highest good.***


Required: fill out questionnaires 1 and  2, and email them to

Subsequent sessions are donated by hour, as needed.  We find that allowing the time to unfold in a natural way, we see that some of the things we are holding onto, that have a firm grip and may need a bit more care to get there while other things only need an instant.  Since we do not know how long this unfolding may take, we choose to commit our time to you and show up to fully support you in birthing this “new you” that desires to be seen.  Generally, we find that after the initial first session, the subsequent sessions unfold much more quickly, and it is not uncommon to reach a transformative place within 1-2 hours.

And if you would like to continue feeling the deep support with others on your journey home within yourself, we offer packages that support you in cleaning and clearing out the past to be fully present, now. 

We highly recommend committing to and investing in yourself a minimum of 3 sessions to truly receive yourself.  Everyone is different so more is not always better, but more can always be done.  And because we believe this works and that you matter, we have significantly reduced the cost to make it affordable so that everyone can do this, too.  That’s how much we want to see you transform and become fully alive.


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