Modern life can be experienced as complex. In order to meet an individual, person, client on an all levels that need attention for optimal HEALTH, the idea grew to cooperate with others and use their expertise to empower you optimally and use their knowledge to make the non profit organisation a reality with a broad base of information that puts light on all aspects needed for HEALTH.
We work on protocols here for free self help or support through our Facebook group or other media to be of service to anyone that seeks HEALTH.
Individual client based service is not for free, although some of our experts give their support for free. Right now we offer free trauma sessions via our facebook group.


Together we serve:

Georgios Charpantidis: Detoxification, herbs, fasting, mucusless diet.
Gerrit Van Gorp:
Homeopathy, Iridology, Raidionics.
Bonno Ray:
Body Intelligence Assistant, Psyche Healing, Astrology, Polarity Therapy, Yoga.

How we work:
In three months time you get 10 hours online support and access to our very exclusive Facebook group.
We send you 2 question lists. One to really zoom into what you are dealing with. The second is mainly about your family inheritance and trauma.
The assistants will guide you step by step in your process of self healing and knowing your self. During this period we create a long term sustainable perspective, so you can be your own doctor.
We open up a group in messenger especially for you in this 3 month period so all the members of the expert panel can easily follow the communication going on and interact. Another application for team work could be possible to.
Everything communicated is strictly private. After 3 months the group will discontinue and the communication + answered question lists will be deleted.
Payment 1000 $ usd
by paypal
paid in as Donation.

Booking one hour for 125 $ usd with the assistant of your choice.
No money return possible, but unused hours may be given to others or after agreement be used after the 3 months period.
Our intention is to assist as many people as possible to be able support themselves, to be forever free and independent.
All we do is activate your
innate healing mechanism.
The body has its own intelligence. It's a perfect design. Enjoy to cooperate.
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