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The Bowel Blaster, A Rayspect Recipe

Here we put in writing the most effective way of combining herbs, juices & urine for maximum cleansing of the body in the most convenient, cheap & practical way possible.


We call it the ‘’Bowel Blaster’’ because through experimentation we discovered that the amounts & methods used in this recipe lead to instantaneous & effective mucoid plaque releases. Through the combination of different ingredients, this recipe flushes out the bowels like nothing else.

Expect a shift in increased bowel movements and improvement of energy & emotional grounding through herbs which are designed to ground and satisfy the emotions & help bowels to move.

The urine, which in its correct consumption in combination with the right amount of the ‘’grapejuicetea’’ enables maximum mucoid plaque release and minimal cravings.


The exact measurements and methods introduced here are based on our own experimentation of Georgios Charpantidis, Bonno Ray and Miranda Justine with fasting, urine therapy, dry fasting, herbs and fruit juices.

Our method & tips/tricks introduced here are based on an improvement through experimenting on the knowledge of Arnold Ehret, Dr. Robert Morse, MasterFastSystem, raw & cooked juices and urine therapy.

Here we also contain advanced tips & tricks for fasting, and additional add-ins and their amounts like clays, turpentine, diatomaceous earth, psyllium husk & activated charcoal.


The liquids in this method are used in a way that is most effective to our current knowledge.

The recipe gets updated constantly, and improved through the helpful feedback and experimentation of people who practice these types of advanced cleansing modalities.

After buying the recipe – you will get a free updated version whenever it is available.

Your feedback is much appreciated and can be sent to us through email on how to improve it even further.


The recipe is designed in a way that you can experiment with it, there are no strict guidelines, but a foundation to do fasting in a safe and effective manner that beats every other type of protocol or recipe currently available for a much more expensive price.

We offer a cheap and convenient version that with the help of the community includes all essential parts needed for a complete healing protocol.


Fasting on urine only in combination with aged urine may be considered the best together with dry fasting and both are for free, no need for herbs at all as it does everything. 


Because urine looping only is not always prefered, we created the most effective method of cleansing the body through experimentation and questioning why, how and what we do.

It is different from a protocol in a way that it gives you all the measurements, amounts and order of how and what to take for a safe and effective fasting & eating experience.


In our website there are many links to fasting, clay, herbs, distilled water, enemas, heavy metal detoxification.

The Bowel Blaster, a Rayspect Recipe.1.0.
Price 10€ only. Updates included!
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