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Rayspect Robert Morse N.D

“If you look at creation....the mind comes out of awareness or out of consciousness, when you use your mind to try to understand something, you use an instrument that is a conditioned instrument, the mind is conditioned from past experiences, and so you read books of people with past experiences, look where man is in his healing art today, it is horrible, man is dying all over the place, so when you go back to the books to read about someone that is not in the books, because the answer is not there, you don't see it happening, you bring the answer out, when you move away from your thoughts, move away from the academics, into where the mind comes from, and that is consciousness, and that is hard for people to understand, your awareness of a conscious being, that is where all the answers are. The mind is only an instrument to navigate in creation, so we play heavy on academics here, but in doing that we simply build narcissism and almost ignorance, we are using past experiences to build the mind, when we don't have that in the consciousness, you have to have someone in the consciousness to bring it out for them, that's what we did for them". 1.13.20 -1.14 transcript by me Eyeopening Interview with Dr. Robert Morse & Marcie - The True Cause of Sickness & Disease order in the UK back up search machine Moss Archive Dr Morse Level 1 x 11 disc DVD set and Exam (for certification). Learn from home. 500 usd without certification from Dr. Morse it's own site possible to.....

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