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My Heroes, Inspiration Sources, Health Journal Journey


To Heal Thy Self and To Know Thy Self first and then see what you can do for others is the very principle I live. It changed into Know Thy Self, Heal thyself, there is no Self. Travel notes and important meetings are shared here. The destination being the unknown. Part of the journey is to meet you as there is no other. And be part of your journey. I read libraries....swallowed books...Once I read a book called Blazing Splendor about the memoirs of Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, a Tibetan wise man, who used the term root guru, beside his main master, he had people he considered to be his teacher, he called them root gurus. The mentioned book gives great insight in how transference works, from person to person, but also in a family. It's like reading the work of Bert Hellinger but from an eastern way of viewing. Now I hardly read anymore, I use books for research and inspiration to open them when needed.

My first four years I was in other dimensions, or expressed more precise in another way, there was no separation. This separation happened or was forced upon me around 4 years old. Around 24 I met my inner master again that I knew from the early years. He is my main source. The rest mentioned here are my root gurus. Meditation started.

Some say we come to earth, in this bodymind, to learn. I question this way of believe or thinking. The soul knows everything. Unlearning would be a wiser view point. Not knowing as Socrates so well formulated is a most humble state of being.

The Radha Soami Satsang Beas line of masters and its founder from Agra; Soami Shiv Dayal Singh, Soami Ji, have given me the key to put it all together. Huzur Maharaj Sawan Singh.& Maharaji Charan Singh are my main source of reference. I owe everything to them.

The saints gave Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine to this world. In the modern times they gave Dr. Randolph Stone's Polarity Therapy, Bert Hellinger, Stephen and Ondrea Levine, Peter Levine, Farida Sharan, Robert Morse, Bernard Jensen, Jethro Kloss just to name a view. So many more root guru's will be introduced to you here.

I grew up with the bible, protestant, the prophets and Jesus were my first sources plus lots of myths until at around 12 Lao Tzu hit me home with the Tao Te Ching, finally someone put in words how I experienced the cosmos. Hard to beat that funky little book.

Hafiz translated by Daniel Ladinsky is the best spiritual poetry together with Maulana Rumi's enormous pile of work. You just need to find the best translation as that makes the difference. And only an inititate in the mystery has such an ability... Rumi's master, Shams e Tabrizi wrote the most amazing alchemy I have read so far.... Kabir, Guru Nanak, Paltu, Bulleh Shah, Namdev, Sarmad, Mirabai (Mira), Dadu, Sultan Bahu, Tukaram, Tulsi Sahib, Dariya Sahib, Farid Ud-Din Attar plus all the Sufi Saints I have not mentioned here! I could refer to the Guru Granth Sahib as a great collection of saint poetry and wisdom.

These Saints/Masters/Guru's were witness and one with the absolute and resonated with the silent voice of truth. They have knowledge of the soul and the source of origin. From that knowledge our medicine and healing has evolved.

From the one came the many. Keeping the focus on the one essence is what is the mark of a true healer, not getting lost in the manifestations and drama of mindbodymind.

Nowadays Quantum healing takes us back to this core knowledge and opens up for the potential of a complete healing. Around 37,1994, 4 years after my first divorce I moved from the the Netherlands where I was born, to Denmark, within half a year of my arrival one of my best friends there committed suicide. This ignited a deep research in to healing, health and psychology and what was going on when a person experiences a spiritual emergency, as Stanislav Grof named it so nicely. During that research I had a revelation to be born for healing. I was deeply moved.

"Health is not merely of the body. It is the natural expression of the body, mind and soul when they are in rhythm with the One Life. True health is the harmony of life within us, consisting of peace of mind, happiness and well-being. It is not merely a question of physical fitness, but is rather a result of the soul finding free expression through the mind and body of the individual." Dr. Randolph Stone

"Our mind conditions our experience. Vol. 1 Polarity Therapy, Book 1, Pg. 91

Obstacles are God's design ~ To make a man with a spine. Vol. 1, Book 3, Pg. 30

Life flows from above downward, and structure supports function from below upward. Vol. 2, Book 4, Pg. 3

It appears that all our effort has been spent on research in matter, and none on Life itself. Vol. 2, Book 5, Pg. 3

An injury to physical tissue repairs with time and rest, while mental injuries require a new vision and viewpoint. Vol. 2, Book 5, Pg. 23 The true doctor should know Life, feel it and understand its pattern of flow, ... the same as he knows his anatomy. Vol. 2, Book 5, Pg. 27 What the doctor's mind cannot conceive, that, he cannot relieve. Vol. 2, Book 5, Pg. 87 Don't treat disease; treat the individual. Health Building, Pg. 47

We have utterly lost our way in matter and over-valued it. Vol. 2, Book 5, Pg. 27-28 May this work reach the seekers who are looking for a deeper perspective of a common denominator in the healing art, to push it along in keeping with all the atomic discoveries of today. The health and well-being of the people should not be neglected. It should really be the first concern of the scientists, doctors and educators. Without health and happiness, all our modern conveniences are of little comfort to us. Vol. 2, Book 5, Pg. 77 Causes are primary factors to correct.Vol. 2, Book 5, Pg. 30 The neck is a cross road of the main vital currents, downward and upward. Vol. 2, Book 5, Pg. 52 Energy is the real substance behind the appearance of matter and forms. Vol. 2, Book 6, Pg. 4 If external cleanliness is said to be next to Godliness, what could real internal cleanliness accomplish? Health Building, Pg. 102 Could not all the grown-ups in this "Kindergarten of Life" adopt the same procedure of natural, soulful living? Health Building, Pg. 142 There must be pioneers for every new idea, or our world would stagnate and become utterly uninteresting. " Health Building, Pg. 103

All quotes and featured blog picture by Dr. Randolph Stone

His classics: Polarity Therapy Vol 1 & 2 are a must have for any energy medicine doctor, student, healer and true health researcher. Dr. Randolph Stone

Polarity Therapy is a study for life, I took one year base polarity education 1996 in Denmark, and was extremely lucky and fortunate to have excellent teachers and magical arranged weekends, my interest is and has been to create a psychology based on the polarity therapy energy models, levels and descriptions, if given so. In order for something like that to happen all preconceived ideas and beliefs need to die out first as the science of the soul has to come from a level beyond and of the soul itself. So I needed and need to wait and be patient. In the mean time crashing all known psychology here in the west as mind buggery and primitive barbarian know how. Mainly based on mind, book knowledge, cleverness and developed as a tool for mind control, like any religion. When the psychology changes, which is the accepted bias of who and what we are, then everything will change with it. The trouble we face in this modern time has its cause in ignorance, a psychology based on mind, not soul.

I lived 5 years on my own, lived isolated, worked and studied day and night psychology, healing and mysticism.

Daily at least one to two hours yoga was part of it. This together with herbal detox protocols, enema's with water, herbs and coffee, drinking salt water with 4 yoga exercises and flush the whole digestive tract (sanka praksalana did it more then 15 times in a period of 10 years or so), fasting, got me in my body. Fasting was a major experience. I fasted on my own urine and water for a week. I had learned about Urine Therapy through a friend that time, as there was a publication on this funky subject in Nyt Aspekt, a Danish new age magazine, and was shocked but interested in everything that can heal and certainly when its for free. I found later some books and ordered some and got convinced. It works. The body makes during the night the medicine you need for healing the bodymind! I will write a separate blog about it later.

I also started giving treatments and started to develop my own therapy Body Intelligence Assistance.

I moved for one year to Jutland in 1999.

Although I had planned to finish my polarity education at Heartwood in the USA, life had other plans for me.

I took one year Heilpraktik, Naturopathy on Fyn instead.

My heart was not in it and although I got something out of it, I am not the doctor type. But I really like you to be and become your own doctor, that is much more interesting. Take back your power, have a gutsoul connection with base trust in life. This will be made possible now for everybody.

I remember at Heilpraktik to be introduced to the concept of what we lack in our body makes us sick. In general we lack the mineral Magnesium, once added to a persons body, miracles happen. Now what they didn't tell me was the lack of Sulfur and the magic of that mineral. This hit home with the discovery of the HL MSM protocol and DMSO. 2 huge natural medicine healers, sulfur based minerals. Also I learned the basics of Homeopathy, which always worked well for me as is so much better and cleaner then the allopathic model, which is mostly catastrophic for human health. I will explain this in a separate blog later.

About 2014 I learned through my Dutch Homeopath friend, Gerrit Van Gorp, about the work of Peter Chappell. He wrote: 'Emotional Healing with Homeopathy ' Treating the effects of trauma'. His you tube videos are very entertaining, the man even made a cure for African aids!

How that cure got made is a fantastic story!

Homeopathy is an amazing cure all medicine and now also for trauma and emotional healing. Let me mention the work of Edward Bach and other flower remedies as very useful self healing tools and support in healing and disease processes.

The 38 Bach Flower Remedies

Find the right medicines

Homeopathic cell salts, Is it a remedy...or a supplement?

In the autumn of 2017 I was searching online at Amazon for a book of Bruce Lipton. By chance I looked at an interview of Bruce Lipton on Pateo TV,, Bruce H. Lipton, PhD, and Pateo TV talk show host Johan H. Oldenkamp, PhD, both consciously resigned their professorship in order to make way for the development of unbiased and dogma-free science, and saw a book of Lipton with another man on the subject of Epigenetics. Beyond Epigenetics by James Robert Clark. I saw other books of this author and in one of them, inside the LOOK feature, I read the start and found the word HL MSM protocol, and somehow my curiosity was taken. I bought the book and all his other books soon after as I got more then inspired. Like Dr.Stone a man that researches health and comes with new input and like Dr.Stone introduces Quantum healing. But most of all introduced me to the HL MSM protocol and true hydration, the water of Dan Nelson and his energy work.

It's The Liver Stupid: An Anti-aging and Healing Art That Really Work By Mr. James Robert Clark, is a classic just one link for now about MSM, but I will soon write one or more blogs about the use of HL MSM and DMSO. Both have changed my life!

The Biology of Belief from Bruce H Lipton is a classic to.

Because your health and flow of energy is controlled by your beliefs.

Belief nothing and question everything and you have more chance to experience HEALTH. That what is, Life, needs no beliefs, it is. Byron Katie build The Work based on investigating belief systems and proofed how effective it is. "The Work is a way to identify and question the thoughts that cause all your suffering. Everything you need in order to do The Work is available free on this website". Peter Levine

I was first introduced to Peter Levine's work on the book list of the polarity education 'New Insights into trauma therapy' - a presentation of the work of Peter Levine,Ph.D., in the context of Polarity Therapy - by John Chitty, RPP

One of the first things I ordered right away and our year had the luxury of a whole weekend with an RPP polarity teacher, psychologist from the USA, that was teaching the basics of his therapy to us, as she was in charge that time to teach his trauma therapy in the USA as one of the only ones that another weekend I got 'inner child' training from Bruce Burger who wrote Esoteric Anatomy - the body as consciousness - based on polarity therapy and his way of working with it. Great teacher, great book and all fitting in to my main interests: body intelligence, trauma healing, soul connection and soul based psychology.

Years later in 2006 I was fortunate to witness Peter Levine for a weekend in action in Copenhagen together with Bertold Ulsamer. I wondered why he brought this man and that is how I got to know about Bert Hellinger. Which was another revolution in my life. I read that time evertyhing I could get my hands on from Bert Hellinger and attended a lot of family constellations. He put together what I have observed most of my life. Also my own family got put in order so to speak. If you read Bert Hellinger's work you can understand why Ulsamer took the Hellinger really let the trauma be released fully as the opportunity arises in these constellations from what can be of something that travels through generations in the family and is kind of in the genes. Once resolved a person has more chance to lead his own life.

Peter Levine's work on trauma is a simple and effective way to approach and resolve trauma as no other method I have studied. as it's based on how animals release trauma...they shake it off .... and so can we...easy!

In every country there is a list of therapists and psychologists working with his methods...Still it should be more easily accessible and for free, that's one of my health organisation main goals to make that happen.

The work of Eugene Gendling FOCUSING needs to be mentioned together with Peter Levine, as it describes the felt sense and how the body Intelligence works with trauma and therapy and it's success depends on it. Stephen and Ondrea Levine are the grief masters and death processors.

Stephen although mostly Buddhist inspired was a great soul in working with the dying, the body intelligence and the trauma of grief. I have most of Stephens books and they are invaluable treasures. More about this couple in another blog.

Naturopathy, the science of Ayuarveda, traditional Chinese medicine is where it all comes down to earth.

Dr, N.W. Walker 'Become Younger', 'Colon Health' (his colon chart is a classic map!!!) ,'Fresh Vegetables and Fruit Juices' I swallowed all that stuff 25 years ago and here I started colon cleaning and detox. I just found again 'The colon health handbook' from Robert Gray, almost falling apart :-)

The colon was my main focus for many many years.

'Cleanse & Purify ThySelf book 1.5 ' from Richard Anderson N.D., N.M.D. 'Healing Within' - the complete guide to colon health - by Stanley Weinberger. Max Gerson 'A Cancer Therapy' and ' The Gerson Therapy'. I tried out all that stuff. a few years ago I bought Alejandro Junger's CLEAN, but have not tried it. Bernard Jensen Tissue Cleansing Through Bowel management' book is a classic, working with colonics, enema's and later coffee enemas's from Max Gerson created a new life. I try to remember how I got into all that stuff...I guess it's due to reading Farida Sharan's books 'Herbs of Grace and Creative Menopause that I picked up on what she experienced and what had inspired her. Detox as a main key I had understood.

So yes I also bought Jethro Kloss Back to Eden, a herbal bible and included is a classic naturopathic approach.

I was lucky to meet Farida in 2014 and have some online exchange sometimes. She is a very wise woman, a classic herbalist, naturopath and well schooled in mysticism.

Only in 2016 I got to know about Andreas Moritz: The liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse and guess I tried it about 4 or 5 times...I will come back to this another day as Hulda R Clark introduced something to cure cancers and clean the liver, gallbladder in another way in another way. Before that I had not heard of liver stones...And yes these methods work, my liver is much better and a lot of yellow spots on my skin disappeared.

Some years ago a friend pointed me to the work of Eliot Cowan's 'Plant Spirit Medicine' - a journey into the healing wisdom of plants - Very interesting and good book, that what needs to heal you grows in your surrounding....

The Hippocrates Diet and health program by Ann Wigmore is a classic about the power of sprouting and wheat grass juice. Sprouting is a profound way to get the best food in the body and add prebiotic and probiotics naturally to the bodies microbiome. The Microbiome Solution - a radical way to heal your body form the inside out - by Robynne Chutkan supports knowlege about the microbiome that is booming these days and is one of the many books sprouting on the microbiome. According to the Medical Medium sprouting is the best way to get the prebiotic and probiotic bacteria in your body. Later more about that.

The books of Christopher Vasey: Liver Detox, Optimal Detox, Acid Alkaline Diet, are very well written books.

A few years ago I bought Anthony William's Medical Medium and read mostly his personal story and some parts of it and forgot all about it until a few friends of mine referred to him. And I have to admit after I had done most of my own deep research that he is very to the point in most cases and came to the same conclusions in causes as I had.

His books on the liver, the thyroid and tips on juicing, like celery juice and describing to common people why they are sick and make it an invitation to healing is far ahead of where conventional science is. Bernard Jensen, Farida Sharan and Rober Morse are examples of people that understand the causes, teh whole person and treat them accordingly. But the information Anthony Williams brings is especially valid or allopathic doctors and for naturopaths that need more insight in how to treat clients with fruits and vegetables and also bring in the awareness of metal toxicity and mycotoxins, mold etc. I do every morning his celery juice on an empty stomach and yes it has changed my life. TO BE CONTINUED this blog is not finished....!

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