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Diagnose 2, MOUTH

Are dentists responsible for a lot of modern diseases? Your digestion starts in the mouth and it's where oxygen, water and food come into your body. Now when there are holes in teeth, cavities, root problems, amalgams filled with mercury, unclean mouth, missing teeth, etc this affects the whole body and has great consequences.

Most breast cancer cases find it's cause in the mouth, some say 95%, this as an example...

A portrait artist-photographer–draftsmen–painter, knows that you judge the character by it's mouth and not the eyes if one is to look for the truth. John Singer Sargent once described a portrait as "a likeness in which there is something wrong about the mouth". Iridology is without doubt one of the best tools to judge a persons constitution and probably one of the best ways to make a whole person diagnosis. Farida Sharan and Robert Morse N.D, mentioned in my earlier blog are masters in this form of diagnosis. Both offer online courses. But that is when we look into the eyes. Here it's about the mouth and yes here it's where your health starts. Astrology is my personal preferred tool for diagnose. This for a general energy and psychological profile, beside down to earth observations and questions I will ask. Here some shocking quotes from the book “Toxic Metal Syndrome - how metal poisonings can affect your brain” by Dr. Richard Casdorph and Dr. Morton Walker published 1995! "It is an enigma that makes conventionally practicing dentist the most destructive healthcare professionals who lay hands on, or inside of, live patients. Anybody suffering from, or involved with, someone having chronic, baffling illness, such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's disease, or another degenerative disease could hardly ignore the possibility that mercury (amalgams) might be the key to the health problem or resist the hope that a simple cure was now possible?” page 146/147 “If mercury is banned in house paints, then why has it not been eliminated from that very intimately attached part of a person's jaw bone anatomy, dental fillings? All of us have every right to put this question to the profession of dentistry, especially to its trade organization, the ADA. Financial needs and power plays among ADA politicians have kept mercury fillings in place. In the end, however, such mistreatment could be costly for patients. If the 98 percent of the American population who are sporting amalgams in their mouth suddenly become aware that dentists have been a source of degenerative diseases and potential death, a class action could very well be brought against dentist everywhere, or at least against the ADA”. Page 146 This was from a book from 1995!!! And it's raining Parkinson's' Alzheimer's, MS, ALS, cancers etc...these days etc. And big pharma is earning big time and the so called medical science doesn't deal with the main cause which is heavy metal toxicity. ( I wonder what the plastic fillings do.....?!? And certainly will investigate that later on!) Did you know that teeth grinding main cause is amalgams!! In the above mentioned book is described “Tom Warren reversed his pathology and went on to author a book about his experience, “Beating Alzheimer's” (Avery publishing 1991), the book describes how he came back from the living dead by shifting his lifestyle to a more natural mode. He rid himself of food allergies, avoided environmental substances that brought on sensitivity reactions, eliminated sub-clinical vitamins and mineral deficiencies with nutritional supplements, took chelation therapy (removal of heavy metals, note me) and most important of all for him, he sought dental care to remove from his mouth these toxic silver-mercury fillings that for decades had been poisoning him every time he chewed.......In following a stringent program of self improvement for body and brain, within four years, when a second series of CAT scans were taken. Tom Warren's brain was no longer atrophied. Cells that had been dysfunctional did restore themselves. Dead neurons did not come back”.....Page 143,144

"In crossing the placenta it can inhibit fetal brain development and bring on cerebral palsy or psycho-motor retardation in in the latter stages of development. Other symptoms of mercury toxicity include: anorexia, depression, fatigue, insomnia, arthritis, multiple sclerosis,moodiness, irritability, memory loss, nausea, diarrhea, gum disease, swollen glands, headaches and many others. Mercury amalgams have set us up for most of the health problems we see today."

"Mercury is implicated in metal induced autoimmunity with the emphasis on multiple sclerosis (MS), rheumatoid arthritis (RA), and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). If everyone who had come down with MS, lupus, arthritis, epilepsy, leukemia, ALS, diabetes, etc., could relate their disease to dental procedures, the ensuing legal battle would be for more money than exists."

The above 2 quotes are from: Curing the Incurable with Holistic Medicine - discover the hidden causes of "incurable" diseases - The DaVinci secrets revealed - by George J Georgiou. PH.D., N.D., DSc (AM)

He made his own heavy metal cleaner and it promises to remove all mercury in 3 months time! HMD is a natural product, that has been scientifically researched using a double-blind, placebo controlled trial with over 350 people. It has been used worldwide for years with adults and children, including autism spectrum disorders. It is dubbed "The Gentle Chelator."

Dr. Hal A. Huggins, died 2014, a dentist, wrote several books about the link between Mercury amalgams and illness “ It's all in your head” is a classic. Dated 1993! In the foreword he is mentioned: “Dr. Hal Huggins has spearheaded what will go down in medical history as one of the most remarkable movements of rebellion against medical -or in this case dental-tyranny and obstinate pigheadedness ever recorded. And some day, when that rebellion has attained complete succes-and it will. We all ought to thank him for it.”.

They still use amalgams in the USA and in most countries of this world! Recently I warned one of my friends about amalgams in her mouth, but she completely denied the heed and had another mercury filling! This was/is The Netherlands 2019! This dentist should be arrested.... People having a hard time stop smoking cigarettes will be having it so much easier to stop when they will SAFELY remove their amalgams and do heavy metal detox. Yes yes even after years of amalgams out of the mouth, you HAVE to do heavy metal detox. Later more about this. As this is one of the main reasons why people keep smoking or have negative behavior or attract negative circumstances.

The idea behind all control is that you will not get into your power, that you will not attain real health, as that is a danger for the ones that are in control.

Even in tobacco are metals......This is not so known and my own personal observation this is the main ingredient beside nicotine that keeps people addicted. I have been a long term smoker...stopped 6 years ago... Arsenic, cadmium, nickel and lead are the main contributors to the health risks of metals in smoke.

Another not so know fact is that since the industrial 'revolution' metals have come into the air, earth, water and food. What the body has not detoxified or eliminated went on into the embryo to the next generation and when the mother has or had amalgams the child gets through breastfeeding it's fair share and you can calculate what this will do, as one of the main factors of degeneration and why there are so many early childhood cancers these days, to mention just one disease...

Another more famous case is the story from Dr. Dan Pompa, who is very active now in spreading his religion of cellular detox with expelling heavy metals as top priority. included is a transcript here! He got very sick and recovered after removal of the mercury fillings and followed a protocol later to be discussed in my forthcoming book about heavy metal detoxification. I agree with him that in order to deal with anything in the body, Heavy metal detoxification is where you start, as the main hidden cause, and then the rest will heal by itself following a change to a RAW diet, and preferably fruit only for as long as you can to cleanse and regenerate the body. How to get the metals out is a science in it self.

All About Mercury Fillings, Root Canals & Cavitations w/Jonathan Landsman - Wendy Myers A great interview where Jonathan Landsman, who shares his own experience with a mouth full of amalgams, which is so similar to my story, and he is very passionate in his sharing, so I don't need to share mine. He did it for me. a great health info site by the way Wendy is a heavy metal detox specialist. Some more info:

Safe Removal Guidelines for Removing Mercury Amalgam, Silver Fillings EXTREMELY IMPORTANT IS TO HAVE THEM REMOVED IN A SAFE WAY! Here a safe protocol example; GREAT INFO SITE for basic knowledge about heavy metals, available in most languages.

When I was around 14 I got like 14 mercury fillings in 2 days, it changed my life dramatically. I may come back to my own personal story later more detailed, but for now listen to Jonathan and Dr.Pompa I would say. I had my last 9 and a half fillings removed 8 May 2018 in one day. I got to know about the danger of mercury in the mouth in the early nineties. And somehow didn't pick up on it, main excuse being a very intense life, the financial costs, and not really going deep into the information as I do now. As a child they took my tonsils around 4/5 years of age, then they vaccinated me around 7 and then these fillings around 14. What to say what these criminals can find to destroy your health is incredible. And they still do it and do not get arrested or trialed, they are even allowed to keep their license and may call them selves doctors or dentist. When are people waking up?

Now let me introduce you to the best book on health care through a RAW diet and the causes of human disease in modern times: The Detox Miracle Source Book by Dr. Robert Morse N.D. I like to mention Medical Medium by Anthony Williama also as it speaks to so many people, but after getting to know the work of Dr. Morse better then the 'Medical Medium' I missed the essence of the lymphatic system and avoidance of vaccinations and missed the point of a RAW diet. But certainly an interesting phenomena, but no way near Edgar Cayce. Anyhow I got to the same conclusions after my research started for real in the autumn of 2017 and I read most of the Medical Medium book recently, which I had bought in 2016 and left mostly unread lying around. It's very comforting, confronting and refreshing in its information and safes me from a lot of writing and formulation as he has done a great job in spelling out part of the trajectory of the main causes, and coming with many workable solutions for people that are not ready for a RAW diet and true cellular detox. Dr. Morse made it even more simple and way more to the point. Both complement each other I would say. Although Morse is a real doctor and knows his trade better then 99 percent that should be reeducated by Morse as his success rate is 99 percent!!! So have them in your basic care library, buy them, wise up. The style of writing from Medical Medium is not mine but the essence and part truth of diagnose is what it is about here. As Anthony William writes "Mercury is 100 percent responsible for Alzheimer's disease, You will never in your life time hear that truth about that anywhere else". Page 263 I also would add aluminum to this quote not to be missed!

In the above link from Dr.Mercola confirms the statement made by Anthony William and my own observation! I worked and work with elderly people for many years now!

Quote here from the above link: "Haley goes on to recount the story of how he got into trouble with the NIH when he decided to investigate the influence of heavy metals on Alzheimer's susceptibility. A popular theory at the time was that Alzheimer's was caused by aluminum toxicity.

Using his technology, he was able to show that mercury was the only heavy metal capable of causing a normal brain to develop the same biochemical abnormalities — including abnormal tubulin — that you find in Alzheimer's disease.

Haley claims his research has since been replicated and confirmed. According to Haley, mercury causes the synaptic clefts to disappear and triggers the formation of neurofibrillary tangles, a major diagnostic hallmark of Alzheimer's, by causing abnormal hyperphosphorylation of tau.

I can tell you that was something that NIH, or the people who run NIH at the very top, did not want to hear … They said beta-amyloid is the cause of Alzheimer's disease. That made them heroes — they found the cause, so now they would find the cure …

But they don't want to look at it being something simple. There's no money to be made if you tell people, 'If you don't want to get Alzheimer's disease, don't expose yourself to mercury.'

Mercury is not the only cause. I would never say that, and I never did say that. I said, 'Mercury is the major exacerbating factor7 because we put dental amalgams in our mouth, and the major exposure, the source of mercury in our body, comes from them [sic] amalgams, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).'"

"It's interesting to note that Haley was in fact highly skeptical of the idea that dental amalgam released mercury before he started studying the matter. Like so many others, he assumed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Dental Association would never allow something truly toxic to be placed in people's mouths.

His scientific investigations eventually convinced him that amalgams are a major source of mercury exposure that can indeed exacerbate and trigger chronic illness — something he details in his 2014 paper, "Evidence Supporting a Link Between Dental Amalgams and Chronic Illness, Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety and Suicide."

So now you have here the scientific evidence and I have more books and research confirming these findings. IT STINKS BIG TIME.

The Medical Medium book is filled with answers to what causes: Eppstein Barr virus, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid related disease, type 2 diabetes, adrenal fatigue, candida, migraines, shingles, colitis, hyperactivity, autism, PTSD, depression, Lyme disease, gut health, menopause to mention a few.

Some very good info about heavy metal detox and how to eliminate the metals from the body is in the book. I will add to it as it's not complete and there are more and maybe better alternatives. Do try his celery juice every day as first thing in the morning or on an empty stomach later in the day and you will know what he talks about! :-) Great stuff. I love it. My body loves it.... It heals the stomach walls and supports the digestion and helps the stomach to produce enough hydrochloric acid, to name only a few of the benefits of this juice. A little side jump into Alzheimer's' here I know, when I started my research into Alzheimer's in 2010 it was very hard to get information how to heal it or what caused it. The only book I could get my hands on that time was from Dr. Abraham Isaac Anbar: Alzheimer's a message of hope. Where he in his center in Canada reversed Alzheimer with change in diet, life style, exercise and therapy. As I have found out recently Big Pharma does and will do everything to cover up the truth about what causes disease as it would and will diminish their profit. These companies have no morals. Greed is what rules. If it's Cancer, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's ALS, MS whatever it is Big pharma spreads fear, say there is no cure and do anything to stop any form of natural health care to see the light. Dear readers there is a cure for anything you are not born with! Cancer has many cures, ALS, Parkinson can be cured. MS can be cured. I could go on ...and will publish here for you how to be your own doctor and get the trust that you can cure anything. And sure I will support you with info about good doctors so you can find them if you don't trust your self enough or need more trust or need support in your process. By all means find a doctor that is compatible and find a person that has healed himself and use them to the max. I just share here how to find and recognize them, how you can find out if its a good doctor or a faker, which most of them are. But yes I don't blame them for treating the ignorant that have a unhealthy life style and expect to continue their life with symptom treatments, the quick fix, crisis management. But our health care would be costing half or less then half if doctors and dentists would do their job. But the deeper truth is they are not educated to do so!

So in case you still have amalgams in your mouth have them removed by a holistic dentist, as its a dangerous process! Investment in your mouth health care is basic.

The health of your mouth, teeth is very important, all teeth are connected to your organs, spine and glands if you have or have had amalgam fillings your health is compromised on a deep level, now even if you have them removed, still you need to get the heavy metals out, esp. mercury the most poisonous of all metals!, situated itself on a deep level in the organs, brains and lymphatic system, etc. Also root canal treatments are very dangerous and upsetting! these can be dealt with more easy and natural!

If you have root canal problems or get offered a root canal treatment, it is easy to avoid and solved with gargle with DMSO, using MSM powder in the morning on an empty stomach and keep it in the mouth as long as you can as part of the HL MSM protocol, to be explained in detail later.

Make yourself a garlic juice, whatever, but no root canal treatment I would say. Instead of toothpaste use for brushing activated charcoal teeth whitening powder or brush and gargle with baking soda, yes the cheapest medicine on the market!, this will also save you from gum problems. Oil pulling works wonders to. Making your own tooth paste can be fun to do...

Do Dental X-Rays Cause Brain Tumors?

Risks of Dental X-Rays and CT Scans | John Douillard's LIfeSpa

Fluoride was used by the Nazi's to control people! As are amalgams now. As is processed food. As is sugar, etc I could go on and will do so later. But for the people that don't know it, fluoride messes up the glands and hormones and creates more havoc then you imagine. Again it starts in the mouth! So now you know. Dentist are responsible for more destruction then you think, so find a real good one and take care of your mouth. I chose to inform my wonderful sweet female dentist and reeducate her instead of going to a holistic dentist. You can tell them how you want it done and how you want to be treated! The best kept secret is what has been done to the water, this I will come back to later.

Here a few links, more information at the bottom of this blog with some books and 2 top experts on dental care Dr. Curatola and Dr.Smith Heavy metals are now also in the air and in the food (esp. fish) so you need to do a heavy metal detox in order to have full health and good old age.... IT IS RECOMMENDED TO HAVE ALL AMALGAMS REMOVED BEFORE YOU START A HEAVY METAL DETOX PROTOCOL.

If you do an EDTA or any heavy metal detox protocol, take care you get the right metals like Zinc, Magnesium, Selenium, iron, calcium etc etc in again and yes organic sulphur through MSM powder and DMSO etc etc etc, More about this in my forthcoming heavy metal detoxification source book.

WISDOM TEETH REMOVAL – another scandal? “Some studies suggest that about 30 percent of wisdom teeth removed each year created some kind of problem for the patient, ranging from gum disease to cysts to painful infections. And oral surgeons point to research that shows gums are more likely to be infected around wisdom teeth than other teeth, which can lead to other health problems. Friedman argues that dental professionals should wait until they actually see signs of disease before removing a patient's wisdom teeth, saying it's not worth subjecting people to potential complications on a hunch that their wisdom teeth might cause problems later. (That's the official policy of Britain's National Health Service, which won't pay for prophylactic procedures.) The cost is also something to consider, since without insurance, wisdom teeth extractions can cost a patient several thousand dollars.”

Fun diagnosis tools links here: but be aware, take it as an indication to analyze your self and to improve your health, for a more precise diagnose I recommend an eye reading, stool test, hair analysis if we talk about metals and other diagnose methods to be discussed later on. Dr Norman Walker made a diagnose chart based on the colon. Well known is also the zone therapy chart where the feet reflect the whole body. Less know is the ear as point of reference. And some people are extremely good in body face reading and sure kinesiology is a powerful tool to. And yes you can ask your own body and listen and follow up on it, which is the best on board feature that came with the package. It's free :-) They even deliver a Tooth Chart App link at the same page for your iphone or ipad!

By the way it is highly recommended and often stressed by the yogi's to breath through the nose, this as a reminder and something to come back to later once we deal with the nose, which is related to as an earth element in Ayurveda as is the mouth! The sense organs of Kapha are the nose and mouth.

Because of their intimate relationship, the ear is considered the associated sense organ of the element ether, and voice (mouth) is its organ of action. Origin of gnosis 1695–1705; < New Latin < Greek gnṓsis a seeking to know, equivalent to gnō-, base of gignṓskein know1 + -sis -sis "Mouth and salivary glands The mouth offers the mechanical (teeth) and initial enzyme breakdown of whole food sources into smaller and simpler complexes. The salivary glands secrete amylase (ptyalin), which is an alkaline digestive enzyme for starch and carbohydrate breakdown. This enzyme hydrolyzes starch and glycogen to maltose"

This quote taken from; The Detox miracle source book-raw foods and herbs for complete cellular regeneration-by Robert Morse N.D. This man cured about anything with his cellular regeneration from ALS to joking, he knows what he is doing with natural means. Please support his work by joining his club and buying his book. His 800+ YouTube videos are fun to watch and certainly helpful in understanding his very easy to understand base principles. See my previous blog quote Robert Morse N.D. search machine Moss Archive

Recommended reading, books and links: Ramiel Nagel Cure Gum Disease Naturally: Heal Gingivitis and Periodontal Disease with Whole Foods

Steven Lin The Dental Diet: The Surprising Link Between Your Teeth, Real Food, and Life-Changing Natural Health

Dr. Gerry Curatola The Mouth-Body Connection: The 28-Day Program to Create a Healthy Mouth, Reduce Inflammation and Prevent Disease Throughout the Body Your Mouth Is A Gateway To The Body How you care for your mouth can directly influence the way you look and feel, both emotionally and physically. While researchers are just beginning to understand the impact of oral infection on the body’s systems and vital organs, Dr. Curatola, holistic dentist on the Upper East Side, has become a pioneer in integrative dentistry. From the dangers of mercury fillings to the chronic pain of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, Dr. Curatola can help you determine the source of your seemingly vague symptoms and rejuvenate your body. Mercury Can Cause Harm to Your Body Memory loss Personality changes, such as anxiety and irritability Headaches, Fatigue, Autoimmune disorders, Lack of coordination/motor skills Doctor Smith is certified by the World Organization for Natural Medicine to practice natural medicine globally. He is also a certified dental practitioner. His broad base of post-graduate training in dentistry and natural medicine enabled him to integrate many health care specialties. Sir, Doctor Smith is also a Knight Hospitaller a dedicated professional organization dating back to the year 1050. The Knights Hospitallers have official recognition from the United Nations and the Pope for their tremendous humanitarian work with the poor.

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