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BOUNCING-TRAMPOLINE  Rebound & Jump for Joy.
Rebounding on a trampoline and standing on your head, FEET UP,  
are possibly the most profound immune system boosters!!!!
The Lymphatic system, the sewer system and the immune system of the body, unlike the heart has no pump. To promote circulation rebounding and headstand are profound tools to support more flow and yes promote health.
Kidneys need healing with raw-food diet, fasting and herbs to be able to filter the lymphatic system. For adrenals to function and heal one needs to avoid coffee, nuts, seeds, oi, sugar and salt etc stimulants that effect the kidneys and glands negatively
Instead of sitting on a chair! Very healthy, playful and fun fun.
Before you start your workout, make sure you get a correctly sized ball. free video classes: Qi Gong for Better Breathing, Qi Gong for Anxiety,Wei Qi Protective Energy 60 min + 20 min version.
Ready to try Qi Gong for yourself?
Sign up for my free 5-Day mini-course, and you can get started right away! Movement offers a space in which we move our physical body in the presence of a witness.

This set of exercises is very good for spine and whole body.
Also for those who have issues doing exercise standing or are bedridden.
I only have a link to facebook, if someone can send me a link to You Tube or something similar I would be very happy. I guess it's in Chinese...please help.
"The key to a long and healthy life is a combination of movement, stillness, cultivating life by guiding the Qi, the vital energy in the body, and moving the hands and the feet through practicing Kung Fu."
Lu Zijian, 118, practiced Kung Fu and Qi Gong every day. His commitment to movement, stillness, and learning to guide his Qi gave him youthful vitality and a long life.
Treating surprisingly the underlying cause of pain.

A delicate but powerful fingertip massage technique, NeuroSoma® relaxes hard, overly-contracted muscle tissue by stimulating small feedback nerves issuing from muscle spindle sensory receptors, which are little nerve bodies scattered throughout muscles.

Unlike regular massage therapy, NeuroSoma® specifically addresses hypertonic muscle spasm, a serious and unless properly treated, permanent condition that differs from ordinary tension in that it is produced by a malfunction of the nervous system. We refer to it as ‘insidious spasm’ because it gradually and often silently encroaches on healthy muscle. Hypertonus underlies conditions not commonly associated with muscle, and can impact the nervous, circulatory, skeletal, and neuroendocrine systems. Sick muscle creates a sick body. Practitioners of most remedies don’t understand the full science of skeletal muscle malfunction, which begins in the nervous system.

Health = Power

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