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1952, married, father of 3 daughters.


I met Gerrit first time 1990 in India and later in 2013 again,  since then we kept in contact. My daughter greatly improved in her health with his help. We share a passion for photography and the healing arts. Gerrit is originally educated as advertising photographer, but by the time he was educated, he chose to study homeopathy and the healing arts.
Very broadminded and always open for input and exchange.
Classical schooled as homeopath and ongoing educating himself.

Graduated in 1986 as a classical homeopath from Raphaël Academy in Zutphen.

Then deepening into various therapeutic and diagnostic disciplines, including:

  • Midwifery and Homeopathy (Ries Useldijk, classical homeopath and Percilla Ijsseldijk midwife)

  • CEASE therapy, Dr. Tinus Smits (treating iatrogenic diseases.
For example autism due to vaccination, infertility due to contraception using IVF / KI treatments, etc.

  • Auriculo (ear acupuncture - Dr Ton van Gelder, Dr Steven Hofman)

  • Body acupuncture (Dr Ton van Gelder et al.)

Classical homeopathy is one of the most important forms of therapy that additive working therapists perform. Homeopathy is becoming increasingly popular despite a 'discouragement policy' from The Hague (read Brussels).

A consultation consists of an extensive conversation in which you share your issues.  
You may be asked to complete a questionnaire.

As a homeopath I go deeper into this and try to find out what the cause is and search for the appropriate means that cover the repertory as much as possible.

Example: Cancer.

In additive medicine, cancer is not seen as an isolated disease, but as a syndrome with various consequences. Treatment aims to suspect symptoms found in the history of the treatment.


One of the important discoveries is the enzyme nagalase.  Tumor cells produce this enzyme and deactivate macrophages.  In the Netherlands, very few people are aware of the existence of nagalase, while it is one of the useful discoveries.  Most oncologists have never heard of it.  You can have blood tested for the presence of nagalase at the ELN in Bunnik.  An application form is required for this.  The blood is sent to USA to determine the amount.  There is no laboratory in the Netherlands that wants / can do this.


Regular treatment can go more smoothly by means of CEASE protocols.  The side effects are less and the healing process is more rapid.  This applies to both surgical support and chemotherapy.  The main goal is to prevent recurrences and obtain a better life expectancy.  After the treatment follows the so-called  constitution treatment (homeopathy), to look for traces that can cause or have caused cancer.


I apply the Banerji protocols for the treatment of cancer and other chronic conditions such as autoimmune diseases.  Banerji is an Indian family from Calcutta.  They have 150 years of family experience in treating cancer and other chronic diseases.  They treat exclusively with homeopathy!  And have done very good scientific research into the effectiveness of their treatment protocols.  In 2012 and 2013, father and son Banerji (2 doctors) were in Almelo, where said a conference was held and explained their protocols.  There are also 10 live consultations with patients who have cancer.  Also in October 2014 they were present in Almelo for the Master Class.

One of the most important 'spearheads' in my practice is CEASE therapy.  An excellent method to treat developmental and behavioral errors.


A 17-year-old girl has not developed beyond 3 years.  After the child vaccinations have been interrupted with CEASE protocol (after 2 months), the girl starts asking all kinds of questions to her mother: "What are we doing here? Are all children menstruating? Are all people dying? Where do you go when you are burried down? Etc.
The mother observes a stage of development that is completely unknown to her.


In 2 months, the girl has made progress as in 3 years. On my advice, the girl went to a speech therapist to improve her speech.



  Soestdijkseweg 257


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