Georgios Charpanditis
Healing philopshy
In order to get to experience of what a soul came here for, it is the most important thing to connect to the personified self and ask the proper questions - then I can work with the person step by step to find out the answer to any problem regarding relationships, identity, physical and emotional healing and acceptance. I guide the person towards self-healing, self-empowerment through experiential learning. All knowledge HAS to be backed up by experience, or put on the ''back-burner'' (a place in the memory to reconnect with a theory or waiting room to disregard information later).
I guide the person to become an experienced expert in understanding the simple healing mechanisms inside the body mind. I specialize on the body-mind connection, emotional blockages, self-identity, emotional dependencies and work, life and goal related mindset.
In our talks we have to be going down to the root of how the person wants to live out her/his life. Long term and short term life goals. Every single case is INDIVIDUALIZED healing work and about becoming independent.
The person I work with decide themselvea completely what and how they want to learn.

For me, it did not seem easy at first to figure out how to introduce myself, how to ''sell'' myself. I was asked to make a statement about what my specialties are, how I healed myself naturally. To make it come down to: What made me different in my approach from most of what's out there, and why does it work? I started listening to my body and it's senses. Average human senses in modern civilized world are closed shut.

To open them up, I practiced fasting & elimination diets. Make it grounded, by enjoying whatever food I wanted to enjoy and fasted only as much as I needed to feel happy. Whenever I caught myself unhappy, I look at my choices, notice my body senses.

Are they happy? What is my body missing? The body never lies. It can only tell the truth. By working with the body I experienced my deepest surrender. That which grounds us is to become aware of our power - accept it, and also accept the inevitability of the fate that binds us - found in pain.


From birth pains to everyday life work pains, in stress and relationships.

The full ''program'' that life entrenches the mind in. Encapsulates it away from the senses. Whenever I found my way back to my body's senses, I could figure out from within what I was missing. Kept getting experience in trying things out, experimenting on my body and see to what it responded. And one lesson I learned that is very important to remember: that everything that numbs the senses goes against the living body organism and is made for the mind alone, for our emotions. When I am grounded with both emotions and physical needs, I heal.


I always remember: Only the body can heal itself on auto-pilot through the senses. When we let go and trust this way of being - trust the body - trust life - there is no limit to experiencing miracles on this path. It can only be done by grace.


4 years self-healing on Detoxification Lifestyle (1.5 years MFS (Master Fast System),

3 years 90% raw fruit diet no fat. 1 year whole food plant based diet.

Healing journey starting with age 21 - 30 days MFS coming from grains/dairy/pasta, salty diet. MFS Lifestyle Level 2-5 (inconsistent), at least 1x long juice fast - last 1.5 years long MFS 30-50 days per year - OMAD (OneMealADay) 4 years. Many shorter fasts monthly & weekly. No herbs for 3 years until found I MFS.


Health History: chronic malabsorption, chronic constipation (1-3 Bowel Movents (BM) a month from age 10-21. Obesity, high blood pressure, hemorrhoids, GI Tract inflammation, hyperactive thyroid & adrenals, low endurance, allergies, chronic asthma (severe - inhaler used at least 1-2x a day since age 11, acne, peripheral dermatitis (whole face was bloated and very inflamed since age 16, Atopic dermatitis (whole body), dehydration (drinking up to 6-7L Water a day), dry skin, inflamed gums, chipped tooth, cavities, short shortsightedness, night sweats, chronic sweating, foul breath. chronic issues were healed except dermatitis within 2 years of all fruit diet and fasting on juices. Dermatitis was deeper addressed and GI tract more cleaned out during fixing malabsorption and thyroid issues. Cleaned up all other issues including facial bloat/inflammation after 1.5 years MFS.


1PowerHour Healing service

This is the service I offer on the site,  it is a session that focuses on releasing trauma based on the intention and information provided by the client.

This trauma healing contains many elements from family constellation and entanglement healing work by bert hellinger and felt sense, focusing & somatic healing by peter levine.

I work with facts, and connecting to the somatic body with a client to heal with use of many ressources like body containment, establishing a sense of safety and freedom in the body to remove somatic blockages. Many ressources are used during a session and explained in detail afterwards to allow a person to start off with their own healing in a quick and effective way, getting the awareness of their trauma and tools needed to heal.

dIn one hour session you will learn about a lot of ressources that allow you to work with trauma in a safe and effective way.

Spiritual guidance available once ready to go deeper in healing after establishing a good basis on how to work with trauma and containment:

I also offer spiritual guidance to my clients, which goes along with any traumahealing if that is something they are interested in. This is not religious or ''cult'' based guidance of telling you what to do or how to live your life, but I will be able to guide you towards becoming more independent as a person, more self-aware and and conscious to how your behavior, your emotions, and your personality are connected to your job, relationship, beliefsystems, and family.

My spiritual guidance has the main focus of making you more ''free'', more happy and fearless in life. 

I teach you how to access more energy inside your body and how to communicate with your body intelligence to transform your life into whatever it is you want it to be.

A brief list of what I specialize on in terms of spiritual healing:
How to work with dreams and their meaning

How to open & work with the third eye

How to connect to soul intelligence

How to work with kundalini energy and altered states of consciousness

How to find your own place in the world and connect to your own fate

through help of astrology & understanding of soul psychology.

I can also answer a variety of questions to many topics that may concern you and give you tools to become your own teacher and independent of outside guidance so when our work together is done, you will never have to ask someone for spiritual help again.