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Energetic Exchange for One Soulmatic Embodiment Session

Thank you for considering a session with the Rayspect Organization.  Because we trust Soulmatic Embodiment to be so effective, we want to make this available to everyone, regardless of cost.  

We offer three potential ways of working with us:

You can choose which of the three best defines your current need and apply for a session.  This starts with a recommended fully paid session, a partial scholarship (partially paid session) or a full scholarship. Those who pay for a full session help to support us to offer reduced cost sessions and scholarships for those who are in harder times.


The current cost of one Soulmatic Embodiment session is set at 277€ / $333.  Paying full price for a Soulmatic Embodiment session allows us to create and support many people and functions within our organization.  Each session is 3 hours via zoom, however we also have another 1-2 hours of preparation time with each person outside of the session.  We often work with two facilitators within a session and that time adds up to 10 hours for you personally.  We explore the questionnaires and astrological charts with a fine tooth comb and extreme care.  We also may privately discuss some details with other Soulmatic practitioners to gain greater awareness on each case as they arise.  Some of the material we review can be heavy in feeling content and is not always easily digested over something simple like breakfast.  Our actual session time per person is often more than 5 hours. So, if your generosity is able to support this cost or even more, it contributes to the whole organization and their wellbeing. 


We are here to serve your highest embodied health. If you are unable to pay the full price but can pay for some portion, as a partial scholarship, we ask for a minimum donation of 99€ / $122 per Soulmatic session, payable in monthly installments if needed, and consider doing some work trade with us:


  • Send us a request with a little bit about your current situation

  • Agree to write a testimonial for and/or other agreed upon websites

  • Referral of our services to 2 people you believe could use our support


If you are in a difficult moment and know this service will benefit you, you are able to reach out and apply for a full scholarship where your session cost is free however the energetic exchange still exists. In this case, if there are some skills you have that you could offer as payment, we will consider that.  Additionally, we would like to ask for:


  • A written email or FB message giving the details of your current situation

  • Why you believe you could use the scholarship and what you intend

  • Agree to write a testimonial for and/or other agreed upon websites

  • Usage of your session in service to help educate and train others within the Soulmatic Embodiment group

  • Referral of our services to 3 people you believe could use our support


Our List of Donation Suggestions:

Initial 3-Hour Session                  277€ / $333

Sessions by Hour                          99€ / $122


*We charge by the hour.  The session cost will be based on the accumulated time used and is prorated. Most sessions, following the initial 3-hour session, run about 2 hours or less.


Embodiment Packages:

Initial 3-hour Session plus (Total sessions):

2 hours (or Two sessions)           444€ / $555

4 hours (or Three sessions)        633€ / $777


***Cancellation and No-Show Policy***


For a cancellation to be rescheduled, it must be done within 24 hours.  We work with many people in many different time zones to coordinate efforts.


If a session cancellation is received any time after 24 hours, we will reschedule at our earliest convenience.  As a paid or partial scholarship deposit all portions of previously deposited money will be returned or applied to the next session at your discretion.


If a partial or full scholarship was offered and the session was cancelled after 24 hours, no money is returned.


If a full scholarship is also a no-show/no cancel, they will no longer be eligible for a future Soulmatic Embodiment session with or participating in the education


A No-Show is considered 15-minutes into the scheduled appointment.


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