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Liberation Breathing® is a way of making Rebirthing even more spiritual and safe.  by Stanislav Grof
The process itself uses very simple means: it combines accelerated breathing with evocative music in a special set and setting. With the eyes closed and lying on a mat, each person uses their own breath and the music in the room to enter a non-ordinary state of consciousness. This state activates the natural inner healing process of the individual’s psyche, bringing the seeker a particular set of internal experiences. With the inner healing intelligence guiding the process, the quality and content brought forth is unique to each person and for that particular time and place. While recurring themes are common, no two sessions are ever alike.
Stanislav Grof lecture: The Consciousness Revolution: New Perspectives in Psychiatry, Psychology, and Psychotherapy.
Three breathing exercises end techniques.
The Buteyko Method is a breathing technique designed to improve functional breathing patterns.
Yogic breathing: a study guide.
A beginner’s journey into three-part yogic breath + free online yoga.
Niraj SOMA Breath is a complete holistic system of Pranayama techniques.
Stig Severinsen The Breatheology Method, conscious breathing.  free course to help people with PTSD.
Heightened oxygen levels hold a treasure trove of benefits.

Wim Hof Method Guided Breathing for Beginners (3 Rounds Slow Pace)

Deep Breathing & Retention Technique - Guided Breathing Wim Hof method
3 Rounds of Deep Breathing | 60 Breaths | 2 Min Holds | Onscreen Timer  Heart-Focused Breathing.
4 free video classes: Qi Gong for Better Breathing, Qi Gong for Anxiety,
Wei Qi Protective Energy 60 min + 20 min version.
7 Segments or Belts of Tension in BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release
Wilhelm Reich was a major contributor to the body/mind sciences of the early 20th century, and is credited as being the key driver of this form of scientific enquiry in the West up until the 1940’s. Reich proposed a model of the human condition that suggested a theory of energy being a primary component of all matter and space, a concept he called the orgone energy.  This energy was important for living organisms as in effect it was a “life force”.
Éiriú Eolas (pronounced “AIR-oo OH-lahss”) Stress Control, Healing and Rejuvenation Program is the modern revival of an ancient breathing and meditation program which is being acclaimed around the world as THE TOOL that will help you to:
  • Relax from the stresses of everyday life
  • Gently work your way through past emotional and psychological trauma
  • Release repressed emotions and mental blockages
  • Rejuvenate and Detoxify your body and mind
The Quantum Light Breath mp3, by Jeru Kabbal, is a highly focused breathing meditation process that greatly accelerates the user’s personal transformation by bypassing the conscious mind and releasing old programs directly from the subconscious. It basically eliminates the need for analysis, painful emotional experiences, years of therapy or growth groups and unfruitful meditations.
The MAXX O2 oxygen systems can help you to regain health and protect against serious future diseases.Used in the comfort of your own home MAXX O2 can prevent or address health problems caused by poor oxygen delivery. Increased levels of oxygen provides stunning results in terms of cell health.
Hydrogeninhalation, h2breathing, molecularhydrogen You have heard of hydrogen water. Hydrogen inhalation is an awesome way to intake hydrogen gas, but it is not so cut and dry. There are important things you need to know before going to the hydrogen inhalation path-YouTube.


"I say try and study water as the primary source of all your studies...It's the core of it all. Attention and gratitude for your water is 50%."
The biggest cover up is how to hydrate the body and that most drinking (tap) water is actually doing the opposite! Ideally you get hydrated through fruit and vegetables and by detoxing the body, as a clean body makes it's own water.
Distilled water is a basic must have for making tea, food preparation, or drinking.
Gans hydrate, Reversed Osmosis hydrate, Structured water hydrate, Coconuut water hydrate, Dan Nelson Waybackwater hydrate, Patric Flannagan water hydrate, Viktor Schauberger hydrate, dry fast and your own body will hydrate,
"They call me deranged. The hope is that they are right! It is of no greater or lesser import for yet another fool to wander this Earth. But if I am right and science is wrong, then may the Lord God have mercy on mankind!"

"Actually, the mysteries of water are similar to those of the blood in the human body. In Nature, normal functions are fulfilled by water just as blood provides many important functions for mankind."

Viktor Schauberger (His work was stolen by the CIA, like Tesla...)

Viktor Schauberger - Comprehend and Copy Nature (Documentary of 2008)
Viktor Schauberger and his indepth theories afford new insights into the naturally correct management of water. This encompasses its proper handling, storage, and conduction by means that promote its self-purification, the retention and enhancement of its natural energies and health. The close interrelationship between water and the forest (AS A WATER PRODUCER - NOT A WATER CONSUMER) and the problems of soil salinity, how this comes about through over-exposure of the soil to the radiance of the sun through deforestation and faulty agricultural practices, are also addressed. Indications are given as to how these may be avoided and overcome, due to Viktor Schauberger's radical and fundamentally new understanding of the coming into being and functioning of the groundwater table in relation to soil temperature. 
PKS = Pythagoras Kepler System,
Trustworthy, authentic information about Viktor Schauberger directly from primary sources.
Hexagonal Water, or structured water, is a crystalline geometric structure formed by eight water molecules (the Star Tetrahedron or Kepler's Star). It is considered the most stable structure of water in its liquid state. From a profile view it’s form can be seen to be the shape of a perfect hexagon. This specific geometry produces an effect called ‘molecular coherence’.   Molecular coherence amplifies water’s natural abilities to archive and transfer information, similar to quartz crystal used in computers and watches.
Dan Nelson Wayback Water YouTube 3 hour lecture
The fast track to hydration, WayBack water has gone through a process which uses cutting edge quantum physics-based technology. The result is water particles which are  .4 nanometer in size, making this water small enough to easily enter the body’s cells.
Dan Nelson Wayback Water Audio 1 + Audio 2
Distilled water is the PUREST form of water. People are under the false impression that their tap water, and even bottled water and water produced by home filtration systems is "pure". It isn’t. Tap water is loaded with many types of suspended pollutants, chemicals, toxins and other contaminants. Bottled water is usually plain tap water that has been minimally filtered to get rid of the bad odor and taste. And home filtered water, (even reverse osmosis), is not pure either. Many microscopic contaminants make it through the filtering process to end up in the water you drink. And filters become clogged and neglected and can turn into breeding grounds for bacteria. If this happens, "filtered" water can actually become MORE contaminated than the source water!*
There are a lot of LIES and DECEPTION about the health of drinking distilled water, such as, it strips minerals from the body and may cause death. WHAT IS THE TRUTH?
Here is what Dr. Allen Banik says…
Andrew Norton Webber Independent researcher and founder of

(at the moment site is not showing up, only two links work, this one is a testimonial)

Andrew presents the original cleaning and maintenance instructions for the human body. He demonstrates how the four 'distilled waters' (machine-made distilled water, all precipitation [rain, mist, snow, dew and fog], urine, and all raw fruit and vegetable juices) clean the body. He shines light on the dis-information campaign designed to obfuscate the truth regarding this knowledge. maintenance instructions for the human body.
If you’re looking for a water filter that will provide outstanding drinking water for your home or business, Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration is one of the most popular and best water filtration methods available. In simple terms, reverse osmosis works as water is forced across a semi-permeable membrane, leaving contaminants behind that are flushed down the drain. The clean drinking water collects in a holding tank. 
Transform your tap water with AquaTru, it's not just filtered. It's purified. AquaTru's patented 4-stage Ultra Reverse Osmosis Technology is certified to NSF standards to remove 82 contaminants, including Lead, Chlorine, Fluoride, Nitrate, PFAS and many more.
Biointernet Zen Infinity Water, looks very interesting!

One of history’s greatest scientists is
Dr. Henri Coanda, the discoverer of fluid dynamics and the holder of more than 600 patents. Dr. Coanda became intrigued with the drinking water in the Hunza land high in the Karkorum Mountains just north of Pakistan where the typical life span is 120 to 140 years. After years of research, the aging Dr. Coanda found another scientist to carry forward his research. Dr. Coanda recognized the genius of 17-year-old science prodigy, Patrick Flanagan™, when they worked together at a high level United States Defense Department “think tank” of prominent scientists. Young Patrick Flanagan™ had been featured in Life Magazine as one of the ten most promising scientists in America.
Dr. Patrick Flanagan™’s goal was to create water identical to Hunza Water, and to share the gift of increased life span with the rest of the world. After many years, he unlocked the secrets of Hunza Water, and reproduced its properties with the invention of Silica-based Microclusters®, named for their small size as well as their three-dimensional configuration. Dr. Flanagan™’s discoveries refuted the conclusions of those who claimed that the secret of Hunza Water was only its trace minerals. Dr. Flanagan™ stunned the scientific world with the news that it was also the structure of the water molecules formed into clusters that gave glacial water its unique properties.

Mega Hydrate & Crystal energy and more.

Interview With Dr. Patrick Flanagan On MegaHydrate & Crystal Energy, YouTube.
Patrick Flanagan shares his story, and shows you how to create water with extraordinary healing properties at home.
SF Tesla Society Patrick Flanagan, 3 hour magic inspiration, YouTube.
San Francisco Tesla Society presents Patrick Flanagan - May 10, 1998

2016 Water Conference. Presentation by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov
Hado in Action. The theory of Hado postulates that, since all phenomena is at heart resonating energy, by changing the vibration we change the substance. Conventional science in general still does not support this notion. Yet quantum physics and in particular the ‘observer effect’ (of Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle) clearly suggests we do alter our environment.
What has put Dr. Emoto at the forefront of the Hado phenomenon is his proof that thoughts and feelings affect PHYSICAL reality. By producing different Hado through written and spoken words, as well as music and literally presenting it to the SAME water samples, the water appears to “change its expression”.
Structured water is also known as gel water, liquid crystalline water, ordered water, 4th phase, EZ water or H3O2. Though theorized for over 100 years, it was first documented by Dr. Gerald Pollack at the Pollack Lab, University of Washington, Seattle. Structuring water allows electrical charge to begin cascading or hopping from one molecule to another, creating more charge, more energy. This spin and structure turns water molecules into tiny batteries, raising our hydrating energy to new potentials. We always knew water conducts electricity, we just didn’t know how much more we could help it conduct. Water as Your Fuel.
Water-a-scientific-revolution-with-bioengineering-scientist-dr-gerald-pollack Podcast interview.
Water has three phases – gas, liquid, and solid; but findings from our laboratory imply the presence of a surprisingly extensive fourth phase that occurs at interfaces. The formal name for this fourth phase is exclusion-zone water, aka EZ water. This finding may have profound implication for chemistry, physics, and biology. So electrical charge conducted by water is the new frontier.  The new story of water is structured, it’s H3O2. It’s why water is your fuel, and hydration is your source. We can use this new information to accelerate healing and repair in all living bodies of water, even us.

Welcome to WATER, a multidisciplinary journal that brings together water-oriented research from diverse disciplines.
Marcia C. Barbosa, Water is weird. It has more than 70 anomalies, physical and chemical properties that are very different from other materials. For scientists, anomalies can be the basis of technological breakthroughs.
Real Water and a Brief Outline of Fundamental Matter.
An explanation of the icosahedral / tetrahedral water molecule and the de-clustering process. How hexametric compression shows itself in crystals which underlies the geometry of all the Platonic solids. Jamie Buturff YouTube.
Real Structured Water and the High pH Myth.
A further discussion about the Platonic Solids Water Structure device and how structuring water is actually a de-clustering of water. The myth about drinking high pH water is also addressed and how this water is actually like drinking antacid water and will not effect the pH in your body but only neutralize your stomach acid.
Jamie Buturff YouTube.
Platonic Solids Water Energizer Utilizing the geometry of the Platonic Solids and rose quartz crystal we recreate what is in Nature to energize (oxygenate and hydrogenate) the water like a mountain stream for better health. This device does not create "Structured Water". By Jamie Buturff
The Myth of Structured Water and Hexagonal Water.
It is physically IMPOSSIBLE to create hexagonal water or what is called 'structured' water. I explain how the body actually utilizes water molecules and structures those molecules through electrical charge according to it needs with electrolytes.
Jamie Buturff YouTube.

How to make GaNs water
This video is for information only to explain a process that may require other knowledge and skills. The process demonstrated requires an awareness of health and safety proceedures, please review you personal ability to undertake or attempt the process.
Dr. Igor Smirnov: How MRET Water (GIA iH2O) Works
Dr. Igor Smirnov, Nuclear Physicist and inventor of the patented MRET (Molecular Resonance Effect Technology), explains how the technology transforms any ordinary filtered water into an ultra-hydrating liquid. By converting clusters of water molecules into a single-file alignment that is similar to the cellular water, the MRET water activator enables the body to absorb the water more readily.
Tachyon detox water is treated with special tachionization proces that does not alter its chemical compostion, but with insertion of tachyons it causes its modification on subatomic level. Such water has enormous vital potential. It enables entrance of tachyons into our physical body and thus accelerates detoxification processes, strenghtens the immune system and increases bioenergy level. Tachyon water should not be used concentrated. Rather dilute 5-10 drops of tachyon water in a glass of ordinary water and consume daily. Store in cool place.
It is perhaps ironic that the devastating tragedy of Chernobyl, which took so many lives,
led to the discovery of life-enhancing MRET technology. Dr. Smirnov studied the spring water in this area and finally found out that this spring water had specific long-range dynamic molecular structuring.
Dr. Batman, The Healing Power of Water. The missing natural element from the body that prevents and helps to cure painful degenerative diseases.
Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, M.D., an internationally renowned researcher, author and advocate of the natural healing power of water, was born in Iran in 1931.
Types of water filters, Selecting a water filter can feel overwhelming due to the sheer number of options available. Let’s investigate the most common types of water filters and find out which are best for removing harmful tap water contaminants.
Tap water is often brimming with harmful pesticides, herbicides, pharmaceuticals, cyanobacteria, disinfection byproducts and fluoride.
Rapid Microbial Growth in Reusable Drinking Water Bottles. PDF 
Consumers are frequently mislead into thinking that bottled water is healthier than tap water, but oftentimes it's identical, and sometimes more contaminated. Bottled water is also devastating to the environment, in more ways than one.
"Tapped: The Movie," by Stephanie Soechtig, is a film that examines the role of the bottled water industry and its effects on health, climate change, pollution, and reliance on oil.
We talk about whole-house filtration, why that may be the key for your health.
Real fun pseudo science comments on pseudo science:
As a retired Chemistry professor who has given courses on the chemistry of water, it disturbs me to see crackpot chemistry and pseudo scientific mind-mush used to promote this bunk to consumers whose lack of scientific training leaves them unprotected from this exploitation. My purpose is to examine the scientific credibility of the claims made about these products in the hope that those who are concerned about their health, but who lack the technical background to distinguish science from pseudoscience when the two are closely intertwined, can make more informed decision

Recent news articles and evidence support the use of hyperbaric oxygen for treatment of COVID-19 caused by Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). However, be extremely cautious of opportunists! Beware of portable hyperbaric chamber companies advertising to "boost immunity" or treat COVID-19.

Portable hyperbaric chambers, which treaments are often refered to as "mHBOT", are only approved and proven to treat acute mountain sickness (AMS) and should not be confused with traditional hyperbaric chambers.
The MAXX O2 oxygen systems can help you to regain health and protect against serious future diseases.Used in the comfort of your own home MAXX O2 can prevent or address health problems caused by poor oxygen delivery. Increased levels of oxygen provides stunning results in terms of cell health. (same as Breathslim®) is an effective device designed specifically to improve overall health and wellness. A simple, yet effective respiratory trainer utilizing the concept of resistance breathing in a 20 minute exercise regime. By paying attention to your breathing, you can change your life. By learning how to control your breathing, you can improve your health, your well-being, and your lifestyle.

What is Ozone Therapy?

Short YouTube intro from Drs Ozone

We have prepared a video demonstration of many of the home ozone methods. These include: Ozonized water, Ear insufflation, Rectal insufflation, Vaginal insufflation, Sinus ozone, Nebulizing ozone thru oil for breathing,Limb bagging. Our office staff has instructed on these methods for years, but we now make the information available by video to all. Drs. Su and Rowen shot this video and donated it to Ozone without Borders, to assist its mission. It is available at
Ozone therapy is commonly used for viral infections, bacterial infections, Lyme, cancer, autoimmune disease, and preventative care/general wellness.
It works by stimulating mild oxidative stress in the body, triggering the NRF-2 pathway. This is the same pathway that is activated during exercise and fasting. It stimulates the body into a health and optimization mode that helps to eradicate disease and improve bodily functions on a cellular level.
Our specialty is manufacturing, sales, and support of ozone generators, ozone machines for in-home ozone use and for use in professional settings.


Hydrogeninhalation, h2breathing, molecularhydrogen You have heard of hydrogen water. Hydrogen inhalation is an awesome way to intake hydrogen gas, but it is not so cut and dry. There are important things you need to know before going to the hydrogen inhalation path-YouTube.
What is Hydrogen?
Let's take it back to the basics. To understand Molecular Hydrogen, we first have to break down what HYDROGEN is.
Hydrogen enriched water generator.
How Molecular Hydrogen Can Help Against COVID-19
The Science Behind Molecular Hydrogen Tablets
Hydrogen, one of nature’s purest and gentlest antioxidants, is created by the natural reaction of magnesium with water. This advanced formulation can deliver the free radical quenching power of molecular hydrogen to any non-carbonated beverage.

Hydrogen is extremely beneficial to the body due to its size. When you drink Hydrogen Enriched Water, you are drinking a solution of H2O and H2. The enriched water travels into your mouth and down into the stomach. All along the way, hydrogen has the ability to diffuse into the blood stream sublingually and through the body tissue that it comes into contact with. 

Once in the stomach, it can stimulate certain gastric hormones and signaling secretions which can help with certain disease. Once it passes from the stomach into the small intestines, the real magic starts. Hydrogen has the ability to stimulate anaerobic micro-flora growth in the gut. These are healthy bacteria found in your gut that helps to produce healthy gasses and provide much needed maintenance of the lining in your gut. They are superstars. Hydrogen absorbs into the blood stream and into vital organs where it permeates your cells. 

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