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It is important that you feel like you are held in the utmost pure and sacred way, that you are already whole, and we are here to support your memory of this.  Just like there are many different fragrant flowers that have an innate way of creating a sensation in you, are there many different facilitators that have incorporated many different modalities to help to sing you back into Being, In-Body (Embodied).  Because of the unique capacities of each facilitator, we want you to feel into the possibility of which facilitator may be in the highest service to your journey and choose who may be your best fit.

***This option is provided for any session, at any time***

You are welcome to continue with the same facilitators if you feel a special connection and bond, or you can choose to change up your experience with another facilitator.  The hope is that these options add volumes to your experiences and not take away from them. 

This very exclusive session work is done by Bonno Ray and one other assistants.


Our current list of assistants are:
Sian Collister
Jessica Turner
Gina Hasselbring
Stacy Kaufman

Bonno Ray:
1957, divorced twice, daughter, 19

Body Intelligence Assistance (BIA founder),
Soulmatic Embodiment (founder)
Soulmatic Psychology (founder)
Born, The Netherlands 1957
Surat Shabd Initiation, meditation start, 1984.
Foto Akademie, Amsterdam, 1993-1994.
Emigrated to Denmark, 1994
Basis Polarity Therapy, Århus - John Virkmann & Gitte Larsen, 1997-1998, included:
- Inner Child course Bruce Burger
- Peter Levine trauma basics course, Chananda Becker.
One year Heilpraktik (naturopathy), Odense, Sonny Bleibach , 1999.
Digital design, Photoshop and illustrator, 2000.
Vipassana 10 days retreat, 2002 and 2021.
Birth Daughter, 2003.
Fitness instructor, 2007.
Since 1994, worked in the healthcare sector as basic care worker, mostly with elderly people.

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