Georgios Charpanditis:
Georgios Charpanditis is a true talent and masters the detoxification world as no other I have met online. Very secure in his diagnose of the situation and support on the physical, emotional, mental and soul level. His knowledge is based on his experience in his own body.
Fasting, dry fasting, herbs, emotional blockages, hydration, whatever questions you have in these areas, he will certainly be professional in giving valid input and most supportive in your process of connection and health.
Read more about Georgios Charpanditis his healing philosphy  and healing journey here.

1952, married, father of 3 daughters.

I met Gerrit first time 1990 in India and later in 2013 again,  since then we kept in contact. My daughter greatly improved in her health with his help. We share a passion for photography and the healing arts. Gerrit is originally educated as advertising photographer, but by the time he was educated, he chose to study homeopathy and the healing arts.
Very broadminded and always open for input and exchange.
Classical schooled as homeopath and ongoing educating himself more, see here. 

Bonno Ray:
1957, divorced, one daughter, 17

Body Intelligence Assistance & Psyche Healer & Astrologer
Education: basis Polarity Therapy, 1997 and one year Heilpraktik (naturopathy) 1999. University of unlearning, Earth.
Temporarily my assistance is for free, for as long as I am building the site and work on fact sheets about Covid 19 and  Vaccines, as these are topics that need simplification and explanation to make clear what goes on. My sessions can last up to 3 hours, dealing with ancestry, trauma, inner child work, birth, safety and  body intelligence work. I only give one session. No follow ups.