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Ignorance of trauma, identification & depth psychology in the modern world.

Fasting, herbs, urine or raw food as a ‘’holy grail’’ to fix all your problems often becomes a bad trip for those who do not want or cannot look at their deeper issues and how the soul operates.

Without proper self-knowledge, we easily become victims of escapism (trying to escape reality to fill a void) - which is too often seen in fasting & detox communities.

People need to address more than just the physical body, the deeper psychology around trauma is ignored almost completely as a cause for self-destructive habits & dis-eases.

When it comes to healing one needs to have the whole picture, as it is difficult to stick to healthy habits and have a sound relationship with diet & lifestyle without addressing the underlying trauma and how identification affects the deeper healing.

Detoxification is a tool to be used to heal yourself, and not to be misused as an escape, so you can further repress and even strengthen your trauma & identification.

Becoming a breatharian and thinking you are ‘’special’’ and your way is ‘’the only way to enlightenment or the only correct way to live’’ is another such example of an extreme.

Going on a mission, becoming someone…’’doing something special’’ – are symptoms of identity possession that are not addressed.

This is the deeper psychology that gets repressed through the misuse of these very effective healing modalities. People use fasting & diet as an escape.

Most people simply take on the goal to get the physical body healthy to shut up the mind.

But that doesn’t work in a body suffering from trauma.

What needs to change is the root cause for this psychologically rooted problem.

The root cause most of the time is found in identification.
Specifically what I refer to as ‘’identity possession’’.
As most people literally are possessed/taken over by their own mind, their stories, feelings,  thoughts and emotions. The phantom self. 

(Identity possession: thinking you are a person in a body)

Unless the traumas are addressed first, then these modalities will repress these traumas even more.

People go on a ‘’mission’’, some start to preach about their lifestyle being the only way – or get controlling on themselves, because the mind is still a prisoner of trauma and identification.

Some even go so far as to create a cult around food or lifestyle choices, depicting certain lifestyle choices as ‘’sin’’. This further strengthens the identification. People get obsessed with ideas of how they have to live their life.

Detoxification is a natural process of the body to return to its original state of health which is accomplished through fasting or clean eating. Tools such as enemas, colonics, herbs, distilled water, UT & juicing are essential to this process.

People that only use detoxification to heal, too often do not address the deeper traumas & identification, which are the root cause for the desires to self-destruct or escape in drugs or food.

There is a ‘’defense’’ the body creates through trauma, which disconnects a part of the human psyche from reality. This makes it easy not to feel things that are overwhelming at the time.

The mind then creates stories, and clings to an ideal narrative to find a way, a ‘’target’’ or a ‘’mission’’ to fill the void of this disconnect.
Mind is thoughts, feelings, emotions, and senses. Those are only experienced  because of the attention it gets from this phantom self. The mind has no reality as such. It’s a myth.                                                                                                                                             

Trauma is a survival response to disconnected caregivers & culture.

When fight or flight is not possible, then ‘’freeze’’ is the response.

Trauma freeze =  disconnect.

The body quite literally is speaking to itself through this response:

‘’When I close my eyes and make myself forget that this part of reality exists - then I will be fine’’

To disconnect - when there is no way out - is sometimes necessary to protect.

However this only applies to an event of the past - and should not haunt you for the rest of your life! That is why healing this trauma is essential to come back to complete health and freedom through re-connecting.                                                                                                                

Everyone wants to connect – but rejection/betrayal is very traumatic, especially in the early years of infancy & childhood. The body forgets nothing! 

                                                                                                                                                     The body tells the truth through the felt sense, body sensations and emptiness or space. The way it responds through sensations reveals where the trauma & defense are.


And if you do not address it – you will not go anywhere. It will keep screaming at your face until you finally deal with the REAL issue. The real cause of why you are disconnected from the world – or unhappy.

And it is this disconnection – because of identification & trauma that is one of the primary causes of dis-ease as it locks down and stiffens the organism in the same way that physical obstruction does.


Most people do not have the understanding of how much the psyche is really connected to the body, as in my forthcoming book body & soul are not to be separated and it is modern age barbaric psychology that is responsible for creating the impression that there is a person operating a bio-machinery and that their body soul intelligence has no say whatsoever to how this ‘’machinery’’ operates.

What we then see in today's world is that people cycle around their problems, detoxing and detoxing (eating badly again to escape from their trauma) back and forth.

Trying to fix their body/mind organism through the physical work alone.

If we do not address the psychology, then in my opinion we will not get the real change and lasting transformation of our health.

Unless the underlying causes are addressed, we will return to a continuation of old habits & programming.

If we do not get conscious of our own psychological patterns, then these will dictate our fate.

The pull to death is stronger in most people than the pull to life…

Most people want to die, many commit suicide, or go towards extremes to do anything it takes to put an end to their life.

But they are not aware that it is their disconnection - their trauma ‘’defense/hardening’’ & identification that really is behind the troubles and difficulties of sticking to healthy lifestyle choices and healing the body. 

The story of a phantom self needs awareness of its meaninglessness - this way the story is seen for what it is - part of the identification (thinking you are a person in a body - attached to a narrative).

It is human nature to escape from reality - what happens inside on a deeper level. To disconnect. In order to survive. Survival is called living these days. Fact is that hardly anyone is alive, meaning aware of being.

To create stories around what is happening without actually understanding the deeper reality of what is happening.

Disconnection is fashionable in today’s world.

The connection to the ” inner child”, to the ''soul bridge intelligence'' is the solution.

After identification & traumas are addressed, then fasting & clean eating can actually become easy, 

With much less emotional ups and downs. Because the self-destructive tendencies and desires to escape become dissolved through grounding by connection.

Georigos Charpantidis, december 2020.

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