Rayspect.org is a heart core base for research in your own body. Here we supply you with information to support your HEALTH. We like you to know how to attain and maintain body, mind, soul health and well being. You will be equipped to heal trauma. You will gain deep understanding of how to detox, build up and regenerate. You will come to know the main causes of diseases as well as the solutions and how to boost your immune system.

Rayspect.org will assist you in self healing.  You will be your own doctor and psychologist. 
Rayspect.org Non Profit Trauma Healing Organization is here to provide people with the most highly effective healing trauma knowledge and tools to allow you to support each other to resolve trauma, blockages and obstructions
Unlike other protocols such as AA, information shared here offers real solutions without lasting dependency on other professionals or organizations.
We support and assist in how to create lasting freedom from addictions (food, drugs, activities, people, etc.) without replacing the addictions with more needs. We support you in being independent, safe, sound and resourceful.
Trust restored.
Big Pharma and most allopathic medicine practitioners compromise your health and spread manipulative, misinformation in the name of greed and/or ignorance.  Allopathic doctors are educated to treat symptoms and use synthetic toxic medicines only. All of those physical disease labels can be healed by knowledge of the causes and how to deal with them.
Allopathic practitioners do have a place in first aid treatment and required surgical procedures.

Even Naturopathic doctors have lost sight of how to deal with the causes of disease. Although they are much more effective and safer than allopathic practitioners.  Unfortunately they too often lack the required, deeper understanding of the causes of disease.
Psychologists too often have no real understanding of matters like: identification, soul and soul connection, energetic blockages, birth trauma or ancestral entanglements, unresolved grief and trauma.  All of the mental disease labels can be healed by deeper knowledge of the causes and how to deal with them.

Rayspect.org offers soul based psychology, rooted in an understanding that human potential has the power to change anything.  Much of the dysfunction in our world today is based on a faulty understanding of the human psyche.

Governments do not represent the people, animals or plants.  They are controlled by multinationals, secret intelligence agencies, militaries and banks.  Greed rules. They use media to channel misinformation to mislead the masses, brainwashing us. 
Healthy people are dangerous
, This is because healthy people are a threat to them. Healthy people think independently, question everything and take actions that align with soul. With that being said, Rayspect.org has no interest in politics or political parties.

Many people don't know what health is, as they have never truly experienced it. Here at Rayspect.org we will offer you many options to take your power back and fully live and utilize it. 

Take responsibility for your health and you will enjoy the change and find daily life easier. You will be so grounded, connected and so vibrant that you will never look back. During this process you may certainly experience hardships.
We inform you as best as possible what one can meet on the way to HEALTH.

Nature and natural methods heal best. It has done so for millions of years.

Rayspect.org provides only natural solutions.  We utilize methods such as PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field) therapy, frequency generators, real pure true hydration and boosting health through oxygenation, homeopathy, polarity therapy energy knowledge raw food diet, fasting and natural trauma solutions to name a few of the modalities we use. 
Rayspect turns the LIGHT ON and supports people to take the power back.
Bonno Ray

Medical Disclaimer: The content of this website is based on research and experience in our own bodies.  Application of what is shared here is your responsibility. Use a doctor or qualified healthcare professional if you are insecure or in doubt about the information provided here.  To the best of our knowledge they don’t have much to offer.
The Food and Drug administration as well as the equivalents in other countries, are certainly not trustworthy organizations.  Honestly speaking, they are a scam and an insult to human health.
The information on this website is here to prevent all disease and support you to activate your innate healing mechanism. 
We want you to question everything and believe nothing.  Truth, you will certainly find by using this instruction.
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