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Bonno Ray

Besides being a wellness and detoxification practitioner focusing on supporting clients in optimal wellness through practical, effective detox practices. I consider myself to be a health researcher, writer and am mostly interested in preventive medicine, energy medicine and soul psychology as my focal areas.

Yes am a health educator and health activist and plan to lecture, write on health here and produce  books.

I'm working on a free version and a paid version to be published on heavy metal detoxification with the work title "The ultimate source book on heavy metal detox".

From April 2019 I hope to be ready to take in clients and now use the time to set up this site and prepare an online client set up approach.

It is natural to support the whole person in curing any disease possible and it's time to share the how to do wisdom.


Health = Power

I can help with

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Cancer, Parkinson, ALS, MS, Diabetes, etc. etc  are only labels and serve little purpose, what needs to be addressed is in general a polluted body and so one needs to clean up and feed it right, boost the immune and rebuild it.
Anything you are not born with can be restored.
Heavy metal detoxification is since the industrial revolution top priority, a publication from me it's on it's way in a free and paid version.
Detoxification is basic for a good health, so you hear more about this later. The body is like a living plant with its own inteliigence and when you learn to listen and coopoarate it will just work fine til you are old and worn out, fully functional brains, No fear for demens or Alzheimers!
Trauma needs to be addressed. The trauma of identity, birth, accidents, war, rape, giving birth, violence, moving country, incest, etc etc
Depression is in most cases a polluted body and if not then we look at trauma, background, identification, family systemics, etc
Stress needs work on the nervesystem, learn to relax, wind down, find direction in life, take care of one self, boundaries, change diet, clean out etc

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