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Bonno Ray

Original Nature is aware of thinking, feeling, emotion, body constant change.

Consciousness is aware of Original Nature

being aware of constant change.

Consciousness is the doer. We are moved by it knowingly, expressed through Wu Wei & zerotation or unknowingly through identification.

Besides being a wellness and detoxification practitioner focusing on supporting clients in optimal wellness through practical, effective detox practices. I consider myself to be a health researcher, writer and am mostly interested in trauma healing, preventive medicine, energy medicine and soul psychology as my focal areas. I use astrology as a tool to optimize the energy flow and see the blue print and inheritance.

Yes am a health educator and health activist and plan to lecture, write on health here and produce  books.

I love to publish free and paid versions on heavy metal detoxification, vaccinations, true hydration, fasting, nutrition bug & breatharian life, free medicine, identification & trauma healing. etc etc.

From February March 2020 I hope to be ready to take in clients working together with a dream team and now use the time to set up this site and prepare an online client set up approach. is a non profit organisation for humans, where we as a collective build and expand in knowledge and provide experts with a platform here that provide the support and information needed to be whole and function as designed.

It is natural to support the whole person in self healing any disease possible and it's time to share the how to do wisdom.

In the blog section you can read more about my inspiration, motivation, life and background.

I also work with fine art photography, design and art.


Health = Power

 Assistance & Support & Care

Cancer, Parkinson, ALS, MS, Diabetes, are only labels and serve little purpose. What needs to be addressed are the causes.
Anything you are not born with can be restored.

CAUSES, according to Tennant:

Dental infections

Jerry Tennant: Healing is Voltage -- The Physics of Emotions | EU2017 Great YouTube video!
Heavy metal detoxification is since the industrial revolution top priority. Amalgams are a crime. Chemicals, pesticides, GMO, plastics, glyphosate disrupt the body function.

CAUSES, according to Klinghardt:

Enviromental toxcity
Chronic infections
Genetic susceptibilities
Detoxification life style is basic for good health.
The body is like a living plant with its own intelligence. When you listen and cooperate, it will just work fine til you are old and worn out, with fully functional brains. No fear for demens or Alzheimers!

CAUSES, according to Robert Morse:
Toxcity, genetic weakness, acidosis

Trauma needs to be addressed in order to experience flow. The trauma of identification, birth, cesarean birth, accidents, war, rape, giving birth, violence, moving country, incest, family or ancestaral inheritance (curse), abortion, miscarriage, suicide, grief, aggression, war, refugee, addictions of food, alcohol and drugs.

The Somatic Experiencing® method is a body-oriented approach to the healing of trauma and other stress disorders. Just like animals one simply shakes it off.
Family constellations FAQ
Healing the family inheritance is basic.

The greatest obstruction is our mind. All beliefs are of the mind.
Revolutionary research has uncovered the missing connections between biology, psychology and spirituality.

Depression is in most cases a polluted body and if it's not the case, then we look at trauma, background, identification, family systemics, heavy metals, parasites, worms, candida overgrowth, mold and the other main causes mentioned  in the about page.
Also other psychological labels can be addressed in that same manner.

Dennis Waite:
Author and site owner
Advaita Vision aims to bring you the best of Advaita. Whilst this may include the best of Satsang and Neo-Advaita, the emphasis is on well-proven, traditional teaching.
Stress needs work on the nervesystem & adrenals. Learn to relax, wind down, find direction in life, take care of one self, boundaries, change diet, clean out. Make life simple.

Ayurvedic guide to stress management

Natural Connection Service

Original Nature is aware of thinking, feelings , emotions, body sensations and their constant change

Consciousness is aware of Original Nature

being aware of constant change.

The essence is not touched by change.



Modern life can be experienced as complex. In order to meet an individual, person, client on an all levels that need attention for optimal HEALTH, the idea grew to cooperate with others and use their expertise to empower clients optimally and use their knowledge to make the non profit organisation a reality with a broad base of information that puts light on all aspects needed for HEALTH.
We work on protocols here for free self help or support through Facebook or other media to be of service to anyone that seeks HEALTH. Forthcomming...
Individual client based service is not for free.

Expert panel
together we serve:

Georgios Charpantidis: Fasting, Rawfood, herbs.
Gerrit Van Gorp:
Homeopathy, Iridology, Raidionics - MARS 111, EFT, MWO, MERID, DORN, CEASE.

Bonno Ray:
Body Intelligence Assistant, Psyche Healing, Astrology, Polarity Therapy, Yoga
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